Introducing Usha’s Latest Water Heaters: Aquerra Smart and Aqua Glow

The Usha Aquerra Smart Water Heater and Usha Aqua Glow Instant Water Heater have been launched, offering modern solutions for household water heating needs. Both models emphasize energy efficiency, safety features, and user convenience.

Key Highlights:

  • The Aquerra Smart can be remotely operated via the Usha app, allowing users to monitor power consumption.
  • It includes an eco-function for energy saving, anti-bacterial sterilization, and digital temperature setting.
  • The Aquerra Smart has ELCB for electrical safety and a multi-function safety valve.
  • It offers a 2000W power output and a heat tech that provides 20% more hot water.
  • Available in 15 and 25 liters, priced at INR 22990 and INR 20990 respectively, with an 8-year warranty on the tank.
  • The Aqua Glow features a corrosion-resistant steel tank, precise temperature control, and a triple safety protection mechanism.
  • It comes with a 1000 gms copper tube heating element, high pressure withstanding capacity, and a color-changing LED indicator.
  • The Aqua Glow is available in a 3-liter size, priced at INR 6990, and is ISI marked.

Introducing Usha's Latest Water Heaters Aquerra Smart and Aqua Glow

The Aquerra Smart Water Heater is designed to cater to the household needs with its advanced features. It can be operated using the Usha app, which provides convenience in remote operation and monitoring of power consumption. The model boasts an eco function for enhanced energy efficiency and includes an inbuilt anti-bacterial sterilization feature set at 80° Celsius. For safety, the Aquerra Smart water heater is equipped with ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) and a multi-function safety valve. This valve releases pressure when the temperature exceeds a safe limit, prevents backflow of water, and drains out water when safety parameters are breached.

In terms of capacity and pricing, the Aquerra Smart Water Heater is available in 15 and 25-liter variants, priced at INR 22990 and INR 20990 respectively. The product comes with a comprehensive warranty of 8 years on the tank, 3 years on the heating element, and 2 years on the complete product.

The Usha Aqua Glow Instant Water Heater aims to meet daily hot water requirements with its robust and reliable design. It features a corrosion-resistant, single body, leak-proof high-grade steel tank for extended durability. The precision in temperature control is facilitated by a capillary thermostat, ensuring user comfort. Safety is a key focus, with the Aqua Glow incorporating a triple safety protection mechanism that includes a thermostat, thermal cutout, and a brass fusible plug.

Additional features of the Aqua Glow include a 1000 grams heavy gauge copper tube heating element for improved reliability, a high pressure withstanding capacity of 6.5 Bars, a rust-proof base plate, and efficient heating with a 3000W performance. The model also features a color-changing LED indicator for power and heating indications. The ISI marked Usha Aqua Glow Instant Water Heater is available in a 3-liter size and is priced at INR 6990.

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