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LinkedIn Tests Short-Form Video Feed: What We Know So Far


LinkedIn, the professional networking giant, is moving to revamp how content is shared and consumed on its platform. In a strategic pivot, LinkedIn announced its plans to scrap the ephemeral Stories feature, much like Twitter did with Fleets, to make room for a more enduring content format. The decision comes after recognizing that its users prefer to create lasting videos that showcase their professional stories, personality, and expertise. This shift underlines a larger trend across social media platforms, where short-form video content is increasingly becoming the norm, driven by the success of platforms like TikTok.

The move to introduce a short-form video feed is part of LinkedIn’s broader effort to enhance user engagement and provide more creative tools for video creation. Despite the professional context of LinkedIn, there is a clear demand for content that combines professional advice with the engaging format of short videos. With the change, LinkedIn aims to offer a space where users can share career advice, interview tips, and resume guidance through more personal and creative videos. This could significantly alter how professionals network, learn, and share expertise on the platform.

Users can access LinkedIn’s short-form video feed through a new “Video” tab. Upon entering the feed, they’ll encounter a familiar experience – a vertically scrollable stream of short-form videos. Users have the familiar options to like, share, and comment on the content, similar to TikTok’s interface.

While the feature draws obvious inspiration from TikTok’s immense popularity, LinkedIn aims to distinguish their version by keeping the focus firmly on career-related content. Professionals, creators, and business leaders can leverage short-form videos for quick tips, tutorials, company highlights, or to share industry insights. This format has the potential to make job-related content more engaging and accessible.

The success of short-form video across platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts demonstrates the massive appeal of this content type. LinkedIn’s move indicates their understanding of changing user preferences, potentially paving the way to reach a diverse demographic and modernize the platform’s image.

While the full rollout date for LinkedIn’s short-form video remains unknown, its testing phase has generated considerable interest within digital media and marketing circles. It’s a move worth monitoring as it could dramatically alter the landscape of professional social media.

This transition away from Stories to a more permanent video feature reflects LinkedIn’s adaptation to its user base’s desires for more meaningful and creative content sharing. If successful, LinkedIn’s short-form video feed could position the platform as a unique player in the crowded field of social media, bridging the gap between professional networking and the engaging, dynamic world of video content



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