Home News MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 8300 for Enhanced 5G Smartphone Experience

MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 8300 for Enhanced 5G Smartphone Experience

MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 8300 for Enhanced 5G Smartphone Experience

MediaTek has introduced the Dimensity 8300, a new chipset for premium 5G smartphones. This chipset, part of the Dimensity 8000 series, is engineered to offer advanced generative AI capabilities, energy efficiency, adaptive gaming technology, and rapid connectivity. It aims to elevate user experiences in the premium 5G smartphone market.

Key Highlights:

  • The Dimensity 8300 is built on TSMC’s 2nd generation 4nm process, featuring an octa-core CPU with improved performance and energy efficiency.
  • It includes the Mali-G615 MC6 GPU for enhanced gaming and multimedia experiences.
  • Dr. Yenchi Lee highlights the chipset’s blend of accessibility and advanced features.
  • The chipset is the first in its tier to fully support generative AI, with the APU 780 AI processor enabling large language model support and advanced photography capabilities.
  • HyperEngine adaptive game technology enhances battery life and gameplay experience.
  • The chipset boasts a state-of-the-art 5G modem with improved connectivity features and supports advanced memory and storage technologies.

MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 8300 for Enhanced 5G Smartphone Experience

MediaTek’s Dimensity 8300 Revolutionizes 5G Smartphones

MediaTek today announced its latest innovation, the Dimensity 8300 chipset, specifically designed to power premium 5G smartphones. The Dimensity 8300, the latest in the Dimensity 8000 series, combines advanced generative AI capabilities, energy-saving features, adaptive gaming technology, and fast connectivity. This combination aims to deliver top-tier experiences in the premium 5G smartphone sector.

Built using TSMC’s 2nd generation 4nm process, the Dimensity 8300 chipset is equipped with an octa-core CPU, including four Arm Cortex-A715 cores and four Cortex-A510 cores. This configuration offers a 20% increase in CPU performance and a 30% improvement in power efficiency compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, the Mali-G615 MC6 GPU in the Dimensity 8300 provides a significant boost in performance and power efficiency, enhancing gaming, lifestyle applications, photography, and more.

Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Business Unit, emphasized the blend of accessibility and high-end features offered by the Dimensity 8300, stating, “The Dimensity 8300 unlocks new possibilities for the premium smartphone segment, offering users AI capabilities, hyper-realistic entertainment opportunities, and seamless connectivity without sacrificing efficiency.”

A key feature of the Dimensity 8300 is its full generative AI support, courtesy of the integrated APU 780 AI processor. This enables the chipset to support developers in creating innovative applications using large language models up to 10B and stable diffusion techniques. The AI performance of the Dimensity 8300 is significantly enhanced, with a 2x improvement in INT and FP16 computation and a 3.3x increase over the Dimensity 8200. This boost, combined with MediaTek’s 14-bit HDR-ISP Imagiq 980, is set to enhance smartphone photography and video capabilities.

In addition to AI advancements, MediaTek’s HyperEngine adaptive game technology in the Dimensity 8300 intelligently adapts to computing demands, optimizing battery life and gameplay. The chipset also supports ultra-fast speeds with a built-in 3GPP Release-16 standard 5G modem. This modem optimizes connectivity in challenging environments, enhancing sub-6GHz performance and range.

Other notable features of the Dimensity 8300 include LP5x 8533Mbps and uFS4.0 MCQ memory, MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0+ for improved 5G power efficiency, upgraded Wi-Fi 6E performance, and the Dimensity 5G Open Resource Architecture (DORA).

The Dimensity 8300 is expected to be featured in global 5G devices launching by the end of 2023. For more information about MediaTek’s Dimensity portfolio, visit their official website.



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