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Meta Connect 2024 Developer Conference Announced for Late September: What We’re Hoping For

Meta Connect 2024 Developer Conference Announced for Late September

Meta has officially announced that its annual developer conference, Meta Connect 2024, will take place in late September. The event, highly anticipated by technology enthusiasts and industry professionals, is expected to highlight Meta’s latest advancements in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). This year, the spotlight is likely to be on the prototype AR glasses, codenamed “Orion,” and several AI-enabled chatbots.

AR Glasses: Orion Prototype

One of the most eagerly awaited announcements at Meta Connect 2024 is the unveiling of the Orion AR glasses. These glasses, which have been in development for nearly a decade, are expected to represent a significant leap in AR technology. Unlike previous smart glasses, Orion is designed to offer true augmented reality experiences, not just heads-up displays. This means users can expect immersive interactions with digital overlays seamlessly integrated into their real-world view.

The Orion prototype has been described as Meta’s most advanced AR project to date, although a consumer-ready version is not expected until 2027. The development of these glasses has followed a “prohibitively expensive technology path,” underscoring the ambitious nature of the project. The glasses are set to be demonstrated at the conference, providing a first glimpse into the future of AR technology as envisioned by Meta​​.

AI Chatbots: Enhancing User Interaction

Meta is also poised to introduce a range of AI-enabled chatbots at the conference. These chatbots, including one named “Bob the Robot,” are designed to offer personalized interactions with users. Bob is characterized by a sharp wit and sarcastic humor, drawing comparisons to the popular character Bender from “Futurama.” Additionally, Meta plans to launch a platform allowing celebrities and creators to develop their own AI chatbots, enhancing fan engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram​.

Expectations and Speculations

Apart from the headline announcements, Meta Connect 2024 is expected to cover various other technological advancements. Historically, the conference has been a venue for unveiling significant updates and new products. Last year, Meta introduced the Meta Quest 3 VR headset, which garnered considerable attention. This year, alongside the Orion AR glasses and AI chatbots, there might be updates on Meta’s other projects such as the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses and further enhancements to their VR ecosystem.

The conference also typically delves into Meta’s broader vision for the future of immersive technologies. This includes the integration of AR and VR into everyday applications, making these technologies more accessible and user-friendly. Attendees can expect detailed sessions on the latest tools and features designed to enhance the developer experience within the Meta ecosystem.

Meta Connect 2024 promises to be a landmark event, offering insights into the cutting-edge developments at Meta. The focus on AR and AI highlights the company’s commitment to pioneering new technologies and transforming how users interact with digital content. As the event draws closer, the tech community eagerly awaits the innovations that will be showcased, setting the stage for the next phase of immersive technology.


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