Home News NetApp and Equinix Introduce New Bare Metal-as-a-Service Solution

NetApp and Equinix Introduce New Bare Metal-as-a-Service Solution

NetApp and Equinix Introduce New Bare Metal-as-a-Service Solution

NetApp collaborates with Equinix to offer the Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) solution, named NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal. This initiative aims to present organizations with a versatile as-a-service model, powered by NetApp Keystone, to facilitate a genuine hybrid cloud experience.

Key Highlights:

  • The BMaaS solution, NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal, provides a unified compute, networking, and storage infrastructure.
  • It features low-latency connections to major public clouds.
  • Offerings can be single tenant or dedicated.
  • Sandeep Singh and Matthew Swinbourne of NetApp highlight the importance and benefits of this solution for a consistent hybrid multicloud experience.
  • Key features include higher performance, scalability on demand, exceptional data security, and global reach through Equinix’s vast data center footprint.

NetApp and Equinix Introduce New Bare Metal-as-a-Service Solution

NetApp, in conjunction with Equinix, announced their new BMaaS solution, NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal. Through NetApp Keystone, the service is integrated as a comprehensive as-a-service model, enabling users to select the storage capacity and performance they need without overprovisioning, ensuring reduced upfront costs.

The service presents customers with a combined compute, networking, and storage infrastructure while guaranteeing low-latency links to all major public clouds. The offering can be either single tenant or dedicated, providing elasticity and being managed under a singular agreement.

Highlighting the value of their collaborative efforts, Sandeep Singh, Senior Vice President and GM of Enterprise Storage at NetApp, mentioned the company’s commitment to delivering unified hybrid multicloud solutions with improved performance, scalability, and simplified management. Additionally, Matthew Swinbourne, CTO, Cloud Architecture, NetApp Asia Pacific, emphasized the importance of a sturdy data infrastructure for a secure hybrid multicloud experience across various platforms.

Among the noteworthy features of NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal are its integration with Equinix Metal’s infrastructure, flexibility in building a hybrid multicloud experience, enhanced performance for demanding workloads, scalability as per business needs, superior data security, extensive global presence via Equinix’s data centers, and streamlined management.

Brian Stein, Senior Vice President, Edge Infrastructure Services at Equinix, shed light on the increasing demand for effective data management, driven by cloud adoption and technological advancements. The integrated solution offers enterprises low latency access to clouds, transforming business operations and generating new revenue avenues.

The introduction of NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal marks a significant step in NetApp’s Cloud strategy. With this collaboration, NetApp can deliver a complete stack in Equinix IBX data centers equipped with Equinix Metal, ensuring optimized connectivity to most major public clouds. Users will also have comprehensive access to NetApp cloud services, including Cloud Volumes ONTAP, on Equinix’s global dedicated bare metal equipment.



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