Home News Noise Pure Pods Showcased in Mid-Air Bungee Jumping Test

Noise Pure Pods Showcased in Mid-Air Bungee Jumping Test

Noise Pure Pods Showcased in Mid-Air Bungee Jumping Test

Noise, a leading connected lifestyle brand in India, recently unveiled a digital film to demonstrate the fit and stability of their newest product, the Noise Pure Pods. This digital film, featuring content creator San Kalra, captures the intensity of a bungee jumping adventure to test the product’s capabilities. Released on January 18th, 2024, in New Delhi, the film aims to exhibit the Pure Pods’ ability to stay secure during extreme activities.

Key Highlights:

  • The film features San Kalra testing the Noise Pure Pods during a bungee jumping session.
  • Focus on demonstrating the product’s stability and non-intrusive design in extreme conditions.
  • The Noise Pure Pods are designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic fit, ensuring they remain in place during high-impact activities.
  • Incorporation of AirWave Technology for high-quality sound and up to 80 hours of playtime.
  • The detachable Pure Band offers customization, converting the pods into a neckband for varied user preferences.

In the digital film, San Kalra undertakes the challenge of bungee jumping to test the Noise Pure Pods. The film’s objective is to show the durability and stability of the earbuds in dynamic and challenging environments. Despite the rigors of the free fall and high-impact movements during the jump, the Pure Pods remain securely in place, emphasizing their robust design.Title: Noise Pure Pods Showcased in Mid-Air Bungee Jumping Test

Launched in December 2023, the Noise Pure Pods are crafted for comfortable wear, aiming to enhance consumer experience with their unique design. They offer balanced sound output and are designed to rest comfortably in the ear, suitable for extended listening sessions. Equipped with AirWave Technology, these OWS earbuds provide a high-quality listening experience.

The Pure Pods also feature a detachable Pure Band, adding a level of customization for users. This band allows the earbuds to transform into a neckband, catering to different style preferences and further emphasizing Noise’s dedication to offering diverse and tailored listening experiences.



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