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Nokia’s Chennai Factory Achieves Production Milestone

Nokia's Chennai Factory Achieves Production Milestone

Nokia’s factory located in Chennai has reached a significant milestone of producing seven million telecom units, according to an announcement by the company. The factory’s production aligns with the ‘Make in India’ initiative by the Government of India, which promotes domestic manufacturing.

Key Highlights:

  • Nokia’s Chennai factory has produced seven million units, including 4G/5G equipment.
  • The production milestone supports the ‘Make in India’ initiative.
  • The factory celebrated its 15th year of operation.
  • A notable increase in local sourcing in 2023 was recorded, especially in 5G equipment manufacturing.
  • The facility manufactures a diverse range of products, including 5G New Radio, massive MIMO products, and Fiber Broadband equipment.
  • Approximately half of the production is exported from the facility.

Nokia's Chennai Factory Achieves Production Milestone

The announcement of the milestone was made at a special function at the factory premises, attended by senior Government dignitaries. The Chennai facility is one of Nokia’s most significant manufacturing locations worldwide and primarily produces telecom infrastructure equipment. This equipment serves both the domestic and international markets and includes components for 4G/5G networks. With fifteen years in operation, the Chennai factory plays a pivotal role in enhancing telecom equipment manufacturing within India.

Among the various products manufactured at the Chennai site are the 5G New Radio (5G NR), 5G massive MIMO products, 4G/LTE radios, and Fiber Broadband equipment. Notably, Nokia exports roughly half of these products. The company also emphasized its commitment to sourcing locally, highlighting a twofold increase in the localization of components for 5G equipment manufacturing compared to previous years.

Mr. Teemu Toiviainen, Head of Global Manufacturing & EMS Management at Nokia, commented on the Chennai factory’s contributions over the years. He mentioned the strides made in manufacturing various 5G components and transport network elements. Additionally, he emphasized Nokia’s dedication to sustainability, pointing out that the Chennai factory currently operates with up to 81% green energy consumption, predominantly from wind and solar sources. The company aims to achieve 100% green energy consumption at this facility by 2025.



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