Home News OnePlus #OneCelebration Campaign Garners 45 Million Views

OnePlus #OneCelebration Campaign Garners 45 Million Views

OnePlus #OneCelebration Campaign Garners 45 Million Views

OnePlus, the global technology brand, recently launched its #OneCelebration campaign, earning over 45 million views across various platforms. The campaign, designed to showcase the brand’s array of products, has resonated strongly with audiences, emphasizing familial connections and the use of technology in enhancing these bonds.

Key Highlights:

  • #OneCelebration campaign reaches over 45 million views.
  • Videos depict emotional family reunions, emphasizing togetherness.
  • The campaign includes a wide range of OnePlus products.
  • Collaboration with Snapchat to introduce AR Portal Lens in India.
  • AR activity achieved 28 million views, high share and save rates.

OnePlus #OneCelebration Campaign Garners 45 Million Views

OnePlus unveiled its festive campaign, #OneCelebration, conceptualized to reflect life’s essence, familial ties, and the importance of staying connected. This campaign has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 45 million views across different platforms, with an overall reach of 88 million and a view rate of approximately 55%.

The campaign was created in-house by OnePlus, directed by Aneesh Malankar, and produced by Supari Studios. It features emotionally charged videos, including scenes of a mother surprised by her children on Diwali and a sister reuniting with her brother. These narratives underscore the power of technology, represented by products like the OnePlus 11 and Nord 3, in creating lasting memories.

Ishita Grover, Director of Marketing at OnePlus India, commented on the marketing initiative, noting the significant role of technology in strengthening familial bonds. She emphasized the diverse range of OnePlus products and their contribution to creating memorable moments during Diwali celebrations.

A notable aspect of the campaign was OnePlus’s collaboration with Snapchat, introducing the innovative AR Portal Lens in India. Targeted at young, tech-savvy individuals away from home during the festive season, this feature allowed users to engage in virtual Diwali celebrations, complete with festive decorations and virtual fireworks. The AR lens activity was well-received, garnering 28 million views and high engagement rates.

The #OneCelebration campaign videos are available across various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and X, formerly known as Twitter.


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