Home News OnePlus Unveils OnePlus 12 Design with Innovative Changes

OnePlus Unveils OnePlus 12 Design with Innovative Changes

OnePlus Unveils OnePlus 12 Design with Innovative Changes

Global technology brand OnePlus has officially disclosed the design of the much-anticipated OnePlus 12. The unveiled design showcases a seamless evolution from the OnePlus 11, incorporating purposeful changes and refinements.

Key Highlights:

  • Alert Slider Placement Shift: The most significant design alteration involves relocating the Alert Slider to the left side of the phone, enabling OnePlus to introduce an integrated antenna and enhance gaming performance.
  • Antenna Optimization for Gaming: Internal testing revealed that placing gaming antennas between the forefingers in landscape mode improves performance. The Alert Slider’s former position on the OnePlus 11 prompted its relocation, improving gaming antenna signal by 3dB and reducing game latency by 15%.
  • Innovative Antenna Technologies: To maintain optimal signal strength, OnePlus employs Ultra-compact Full-band Antenna technology and introduces Alert Slider Antenna Integration technology, minimizing the space it occupies.
  • Nature-Inspired Design: The OnePlus 12 embraces a Flowy Emerald colorway inspired by the untamed beauty of nature. The design team, inspired by the Dart River’s fluid patterns, used the 3X periscope telephoto camera and 4th Gen Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, along with AG technology, to replicate the river’s interwoven strands on the glass surface.
  • Immersive Design Process: The design team’s journey to the Dart River immersed them in nature’s wonders, driving them to infuse the OnePlus 12 with the elegance of the braided river. The result is a meticulously crafted texture that seamlessly harmonizes with the device’s cutting-edge technology.

OnePlus Unveils OnePlus 12 Design with Innovative Changes

The OnePlus 12 design showcases a strategic shift in the physical placement of the iconic Alert Slider, aiming to optimize gaming performance. Additionally, the Flowy Emerald design reflects the brand’s commitment to harmonizing technology with the beauty of the natural world.

In summary, the OnePlus 12 design introduces innovative changes that go beyond aesthetics, focusing on functionality and user experience. The company’s commitment to optimizing gaming performance and embracing nature’s beauty is evident in the thoughtful design choices for their latest flagship device.



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