Home News Reliance Jio Introduces New Affordable Unlimited 5G Data Plans

Reliance Jio Introduces New Affordable Unlimited 5G Data Plans

Reliance Jio Introduces New Affordable Unlimited 5G Data Plans

Reliance Jio, a major telecommunications provider, recently unveiled a significant revision in its pricing structure across various services, including prepaid, postpaid, and data add-ons. As a part of this change, the company has also modified some of its existing prepaid plans.

Launch of True Unlimited Upgrade Plans

Among the revised offerings, Jio has introduced the True Unlimited Upgrade plans, a new set of options that enhance data accessibility. Previously, Jio provided a single plan at Rs 61 which offered unlimited 5G data for plans under Rs 239. However, with the latest revision, this has expanded into three distinct plans starting at just Rs 51.

Plan Details and Benefits

The updated True Unlimited Upgrade plans consist of three tiers: Rs 51, Rs 101, and Rs 151. Each of these plans comes with unlimited 5G data, distinguishing them as highly valuable for users with high data consumption needs. Unlike typical plans, these do not carry their own validity periods; instead, their validity is tied to that of the active base plan.

Furthermore, these plans are enhanced with additional 4G data allowances:

  • The Rs 51 plan includes 3GB of 4G data.
  • The Rs 101 plan comes with 6GB of 4G data.
  • The Rs 151 plan provides 9GB of 4G data.

Target Audience and Utility

These plans are designed to cater to a broad user base. Jio has not specified any particular restrictions on who can subscribe to these plans, making them accessible to all Jio users looking to boost their data capabilities. They are particularly aimed at users subscribing to plans offering less than 1.5GB of daily data but who need more data freedom, especially with the availability of 5G.

Prior to the tariff revision, Jio’s unlimited 5G data was available with plans starting at Rs 239, typically including plans with 1.5GB of data per day. Following the price adjustment, only plans with a daily data provision of 2GB or more include the unlimited 5G data feature.


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