Home News Samsung Smartwatches to Offer Family Health Monitoring with Robust Privacy Controls

Samsung Smartwatches to Offer Family Health Monitoring with Robust Privacy Controls

Samsung to Introduce Family Health Tracking on Galaxy Smartwatches

A recent analysis of the latest Samsung Health app reveals that Samsung is gearing up to introduce a valuable new feature to its smartwatches. Soon, users will be able to conveniently monitor the health data of a child or family member directly on their smartphone, as collected by a Samsung smartwatch.

Privacy and Security Measures in Place

To initiate this feature, an approval process will be implemented, allowing a designated Samsung account to access and manage the health data associated with other accounts. Privacy and security checks are integrated to prevent misuse of this feature. Family members have the autonomy to discontinue data sharing or modify the type and extent of information shared at any point. Additionally, accessing a child’s health information will necessitate consent from a legal guardian.

Key Features of the New Family Health Monitoring:

  • Legal Guardian Consent: In the case of a child’s health information, consent from a legal guardian will be necessary.
  • Automatic Deletion of Shared Data: To ensure data privacy, shared data will be automatically deleted, and sharing permissions will be revoked if there is a prolonged period of inactivity. Reinstating the data sharing will require going through the approval process again.
  • Continuous Wear Required: For accurate and consistent health data tracking, the person whose data is being monitored will need to wear their Galaxy Watch constantly.

Data Retention and Continued Use

Shared data will be automatically purged, and sharing permissions will be revoked if the feature remains unused for an extended duration. In such instances, re-initiating the approval process will be necessary. It is essential for the child or family member to wear their Galaxy Watch consistently to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the collected health data.

Potential Debut and Future Availability

While it is plausible that this feature will be introduced with the upcoming Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, there is potential for Samsung to extend its availability to older smartwatch models as well. This could be facilitated through the One UI 6 Watch update.

With this anticipated update, Samsung solidifies its commitment to holistic health management, making it easier for families to stay connected and informed about each other’s well-being through their Galaxy smartwatch ecosystem.


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