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Sony Showcases Key Electronics for Diwali Celebrations

Sony Showcases Key Electronics for Diwali Celebrations

As Diwali approaches, consumers are presented with a variety of Sony electronic products designed to enhance the festive atmosphere. Ranging from high-definition televisions and innovative cameras to immersive audio systems and the latest gaming consoles, Sony offers an array of gadgets for the 2023 holiday season.

  • Sony BRAVIA XR X90L TV Series: Offering cinematic quality with different size options and ranging from Rs. 139,990 to Rs. 289,990.
  • Sony WF-C700N Wireless Earbuds: Mid-range earbuds featuring noise cancellation for Rs. 8,990.
  • Sony SRS-XV800: A party speaker promising loudness and bass, priced at Rs. 49,990.
  • Sony HT-S2000: A soundbar designed to deliver three-dimensional audio without complex setups, available for Rs. 42,990.
  • Sony ZV-E1 Camera: A compact camera ideal for capturing Diwali moments, with prices starting at Rs. 214,990 for the body only.
  • PS5 + Cricket 24 Combo: A gaming bundle aimed at cricket enthusiasts for Rs. 57,990.

Sony Showcases Key Electronics for Diwali Celebrations

The festival of lights, Diwali, is synonymous with joyous gatherings and celebration. As the festival draws near, Sony has unveiled a collection of electronics that aim to complement the festive mood of families and friends.

Television for Festive Entertainment For those looking to indulge in visual splendor, the Sony BRAVIA XR X90L TV series comes in various sizes, with prices starting at Rs. 139,990. The TV promises a cinematic experience, elevating the viewer’s engagement with on-screen entertainment.

Wireless Audio Experience To immerse oneself in the Diwali ambiance, Sony’s WF-C700N Wireless Earbuds offer noise cancellation at Rs. 8,990, providing a serene auditory experience amidst the festive clamor.

Elevated Party Atmosphere The Sony SRS-XV800 party speaker is priced at Rs. 49,990 and is crafted to enhance any Diwali party with its substantial loudness and deep bass.

Immersive Soundscapes The Sony HT-S2000, available for Rs. 42,990, is designed to fill a room with multidimensional sound, adding depth to the Diwali celebrations without the complexity of additional speakers.

Capturing the Festival’s Spirit For those who want to document the festival’s vibrancy, the Sony ZV-E1 Camera offers a compact solution for photographers at a starting price of Rs. 214,990 for the body alone, ensuring memories are captured with clarity.

Gaming Amidst Festivities Gaming enthusiasts can look forward to the PS5 + cricket 24 combo for Rs. 57,990. It promises to be a cornerstone of entertainment for cricket fans during the Diwali celebrations.

As families and friends gather to celebrate Diwali, Sony’s latest gadgets provide a range of options for gifting and personal enjoyment, aiming to enhance the festive experience with their commitment to innovation and quality.


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