Telegram Rolls Out New Giveaways and Premium Benefits

Telegram Rolls Out New Giveaways and Premium Benefits

The instant messaging application Telegram, which hosts over 800 million active users monthly, has unveiled a series of updates designed to enrich user engagement. The headline feature, “Giveaways in Channels”, is a new addition that allows channel administrators to run prize draws for their subscribers.

Key Highlights:

  • Telegram introduces a new feature called “Giveaways in Channels”.
  • Pavel Durov announces a $200,000 giveaway to celebrate the new feature.
  • Giveaway winners receive gift codes for Telegram Premium, which can be verified publicly.
  • Channel owners gain extra visibility and subscribers through boosts when they host giveaways.
  • Organizers must prepay for giveaways, with large-scale facilitation supported by Fragment and @PremiumBot.
  • Telegram Premium subscribers now get four channel boosts instead of one, enhancing their contribution to their preferred channels.

Telegram Rolls Out New Giveaways and Premium Benefits

Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov shared his thoughts on the feature on his blog: “Now every channel on Telegram can host FAIR giveaways…Many giveaways on social media were scams…until now, Telegram is the first social media platform to natively support giveaways with guaranteed random selection + prepaid prize funds.”

To mark the launch, Durov is conducting a significant giveaway of his own. “To celebrate our new feature, I’m hosting a giveaway of 10,000 Telegram Premium subscriptions… I have already prepaid for this giveaway on Fragment with $200,000 worth of Toncoin.”

The assurance of a fair selection process for giveaways, and the transparency of the winner’s selection, is a cornerstone of this update. Winners will be given gift codes to redeem their prizes, such as Telegram Premium subscriptions, and organizers have the option to add additional prizes.

Furthermore, the implementation of giveaways comes with benefits for channel owners. Every time a subscription is given away, the respective channel receives a boost, aiding in its growth and the potential unlocking of new features.

Creating a giveaway has been simplified, with channel owners having the ability to set the number of winners, the duration, and the conditions for entry.

For the organization of giveaways, payment is required upfront for the subscriptions intended as prizes. Telegram facilitates these payments through its app, recommending @PremiumBot or Fragment for larger transactions.

Enhancements have also been made for Telegram Premium subscribers. They now receive four channel boosts instead of the previous single boost, thus increasing their influence on channel support. If a subscriber wins a Premium subscription through a giveaway, the channel hosting the giveaway receives all four boosts.

Telegram’s latest updates are reflective of its dedication to improving user experience and maintaining a platform that is both fun and transparent. These features are set to benefit not only the individual subscribers but also the channel owners seeking to expand their audience.

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