Home News Stagnation Hits India’s Smartwatch Market in Q1 2024 Amid Lackluster Innovation

Stagnation Hits India’s Smartwatch Market in Q1 2024 Amid Lackluster Innovation

Stagnation Hits India's Smartwatch Market in Q1 2024 Amid Lackluster Innovation

For the first time in its dynamic history, India’s smartwatch market has experienced a period of stagnation. In the first quarter of 2024, the industry saw minimal growth, a stark contrast to the robust increases seen in previous years.

Market Overview

The latest reports indicate that smartwatch shipments in India grew by a mere 0.3% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2024. This marks the first time the market has not recorded significant growth, with top brands struggling to move their existing stock amidst declining consumer interest​.

Factors Contributing to Market Stagnation

Several factors have contributed to this slowdown:

  • Lack of Innovation: Consumers have shown reluctance to purchase new models due to the minimal differentiation in features among the existing products​.
  • Market Saturation: The early adopter segment appears to be saturated, with many users not finding sufficient reasons to upgrade their devices​.
  • Economic Considerations: The economic climate has also played a role, as consumers prioritize essential spending over tech gadgets amidst a broader economic slowdown​​.

Brand Performance

  • Fire Boltt: Continues to lead the market but has seen a decrease in market share from previous years.
  • Noise and boAt: Both brands have managed to hold on to substantial segments of the market, though they have also experienced slight declines in their shipments.
  • Apple Watch: In contrast, Apple has seen significant growth in the premium segment, with sales tripling, driven by the latest models which continue to attract high-end consumers​​.

Future Outlook

Experts predict a challenging year ahead in 2024, with expected double-digit declines in shipment volumes. However, there is optimism for recovery post-2024 as new use-cases for smartwatches emerge and potentially drive the next wave of market expansion​​.

India’s smartwatch market is at a critical juncture. As brands navigate through current challenges, their ability to innovate and align with consumer expectations will likely determine their success in the coming years. Meanwhile, consumers continue to watch for compelling new features that justify the investment in a new device.


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