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Here’s When Your OnePlus Will Get Android 15

Here’s When Your OnePlus Will Get Android 15

OnePlus is gearing up to bring the latest updates to its users with Android 15, known within the OnePlus ecosystem as OxygenOS 15. While the beta testing of this new operating system is ongoing, users can expect the stable version of OxygenOS 15 to start rolling out potentially around October, considering historical trends and current beta phase timelines​.

Eligible Devices for the Update

OnePlus has been proactive in outlining which of its devices will receive this next major update. The lineup includes a variety of models from their recent offerings, ensuring that most of their current user base will benefit from the new features and security enhancements that Android 15 brings. Eligible models include:

  • OnePlus 12 and 12R
  • OnePlus 11 and 11R
  • OnePlus 10 Pro, 10T, and 10R
  • OnePlus Nord 3, Nord CE 3, and Nord CE 3 Lite
  • OnePlus Open
  • OnePlus Pad

This wide range of devices highlights OnePlus’s commitment to maintaining a robust support cycle across its product lines​​.

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Key Features to Look Forward To

Android 15 introduces several significant updates aimed at enhancing user experience and device functionality:

  • Satellite Messaging: This feature extends communication capabilities to remote areas or during emergencies, providing crucial connectivity when traditional networks might be unavailable.
  • Partial Screen Sharing: This privacy-focused update allows users to share only a specific portion of their screen, enhancing security during screen sharing sessions.
  • Notification Cooldown: This feature helps manage notification overload by reducing the notification volume from apps that send frequent alerts.
  • Universal Keyboard Vibration Control: Users will be able to universally disable keyboard vibrations, providing a more customized device interaction experience.
  • Sensitive Notifications: To enhance security, this update will protect sensitive notification content from being accessed by unauthorized apps​.

What’s Next?

As we move closer to the public release, OnePlus is likely to share more detailed information about the rollout schedule and additional features. OnePlus device owners should stay tuned for the latest updates from the company to ensure they can take full advantage of Android 15 as soon as it’s available

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