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ViewSonic India Expands B2B Distribution with Kaira Partnership

ViewSonic Corp. has formed a strategic partnership with Kaira Distribution Pvt Ltd to expand its B2B product reach in India. The collaboration focuses on enhancing the distribution network for ViewSonic’s commercial product line, specifically targeting Workspace solutions, Touch displays, and the VP series across the country.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic partnership aimed at bolstering ViewSonic’s distribution network across India.
  • Focus on Workspace solutions, Touch displays, and VP series products.
  • Kaira Distribution’s expertise expected to target the right customers effectively.
  • Collaboration leverages Kaira’s extensive network for greater B2B market penetration.
  • Partnership follows a successful collaboration between ViewSonic and Kaira in Singapore.

ViewSonic India Expands B2B Distribution with Kaira Partnership

ViewSonic Corp., a provider of visual solutions, has announced its collaboration with Kaira Distribution Pvt Ltd, an IT peripherals, storage, networking, and display products distributor. This partnership is designed to strengthen ViewSonic’s distribution network throughout India, particularly in the B2B sector, by leveraging Kaira’s extensive expertise and network.

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales & Marketing, IT Business at ViewSonic India, commented on the partnership, highlighting the company’s excitement to enhance its B2B sector presence. Bhattacharya emphasized the role of Kaira’s distribution network and expertise in reaching a broader customer base with tailored visual solutions. The collaboration is expected to address the growing market demand for commercial displays, with Kaira’s experience in touch monitors, docking monitors, and color accuracy monitors playing a crucial role.

The partnership not only aims to improve distribution processes and product availability but also to offer exceptional support to B2B customers in need of reliable visual solutions for their workspaces. Manoj Attal, Director at Kaira Distribution, expressed his commitment to connecting leading brands with channel partners and meeting the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.



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