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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7: Revolutionizing Connectivity Across Various Sectors

The Wi-Fi Alliance has recently announced the introduction of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7, marking a significant advancement in Wi-Fi technology. This new certification is set to enhance connectivity in diverse settings including homes, enterprises, and industrial environments. The introduction of Wi-Fi 7 is expected to pave the way for innovative uses in fields such as augmented and virtual reality, immersive training, electronic gaming, hybrid work, and more.

Key Highlights:

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 introduces enhancements in Wi-Fi performance and connectivity.
  • Expected rapid adoption with over 233 million devices entering the market in 2024.
  • Key features include 320 MHz channels, Multi-Link Operation (MLO), 4K QAM, 512 Compressed block-ack, and more.
  • Wi-Fi 7 aims to support a broad range of applications across various sectors.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 Revolutionizing Connectivity Across Various Sectors

Kevin Robinson, president and CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance, emphasizes the role of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 in advancing wireless connectivity, offering faster speeds, improved efficiency, and increased reliability. The certification is a result of extensive collaboration within the Wi-Fi Alliance, ensuring interoperability and a robust device ecosystem.

Companies like Broadcom, CommScope, Intel, MaxLinear, MediaTek, and Qualcomm have participated in the certification test bed. These organizations are among the first to adopt Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 devices.

Industry leaders have expressed strong support for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7. Metin Taskin, Co-CEO of Airties, highlights the potential for Wi-Fi 7 to enhance capacity and spectrum efficiency, offering ISPs flexibility and control over home broadband experiences. Dr. Derek Peterson, Chief Technology Officer at Boingo Wireless, anticipates that Wi-Fi 7 will drive digital transformation in various sectors, complementing 5G technology.

Vijay Nagarajan from Broadcom Inc. points out the advantages of Wi-Fi 7, including lower latency and high capacity, which are crucial for today’s connected world. David Coleman of Extreme Networks notes Wi-Fi 7’s significance in meeting the growing demands of connectivity.

Eric A. McLaughlin from Intel Corporation discusses the role of Wi-Fi 7 in delivering multi-gigabit speeds and reliable connections in PCs and IoT products. Will Torgerson of MaxLinear emphasizes their role in shaping the future of Wi-Fi technology with their tri-band single chip Wi-Fi solution.

Alan Hsu from MediaTek, Bart Giordano from RUCKUS Networks, and James Kimery from Spirent Communications also acknowledge the transformative impact of Wi-Fi 7 on connectivity and user experience. Rahul Patel of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. highlights their contributions to Wi-Fi 7’s development, including the implementation of 320 MHz channels and Multi-Link Operation.

For more information on Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7, including technology highlights and overview, visit Wi-Fi Alliance’s website.



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