Home News Wonderchef Introduces Chef Magic: All-in-One Kitchen Robot

Wonderchef Introduces Chef Magic: All-in-One Kitchen Robot

Wonderchef Introduces Chef Magic: All-in-One Kitchen Robot

Wonderchef has unveiled its latest kitchen appliance, “Chef Magic,” at the Consumer Electronics World Expo in Yashobhoomi, Delhi. Chef Magic is an all-in-one kitchen robot designed to automate cooking processes, aiming to simplify home cooking.

Key Highlights:

  • Chef Magic launched at Consumer Electronics World Expo in Delhi
  • Over 200 pre-loaded recipes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  • Features include mixing, chopping, steaming, sautéing, blending, frying, stirring, and kneading
  • Device connects to Wi-Fi for regular recipe updates
  • Available for INR 49,999 on Wonderchef’s website and major retail outlets

Product Features and Capabilities

Chef Magic boasts over 200 pre-loaded recipes that can be selected via a touchscreen interface similar to a smartphone. The device guides users through the cooking process, including ingredient measurements and performing various cooking functions such as mixing, chopping, steaming, sautéing, blending, frying, stirring, and kneading.

Global Market and Sales Expectations

Ravi Saxena, Founder and CEO of Wonderchef, expressed confidence in achieving INR 200 crore in sales from Chef Magic within three years. He highlighted the product’s potential to strengthen Wonderchef’s presence in overseas markets, starting in June. Saxena noted a significant demand from Indians living abroad and parents in India with children overseas. A 120-volt version of Chef Magic for North America will soon be available in the USA and Canada.

Connected Device with Recipe Updates

Chef Magic is designed to be a connected device, allowing it to receive new recipes regularly. Customers can download these recipes by briefly connecting the machine to Wi-Fi. This feature aims to keep the cooking experience fresh and exciting, with new recipes added weekly based on customer preferences.

Recipe Variety and Health Focus

Chef Magic includes a diverse range of recipes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, covering Indian, vegan, Jain, Continental, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and other global cuisines. Wonderchef has also collaborated with nutritionists to develop recipes that cater to diabetic-friendly, heart-healthy, and gut-friendly diets.

Addressing Cooking Convenience

Mr. Saxena pointed out the gap between the food people wish to eat and what they can conveniently prepare at home. Chef Magic aims to bridge this gap by providing professional-level cooking capabilities. The device features an in-built weighing scale, 360° induction heating, an intuitive touchscreen, a customized mobile app, separate blades for various functions, steamers, and a patented cleaning tool for automated cleaning within three minutes. The product comes with a two-year doorstep warranty.

Remote Operation and Custom Recipe Storage

With its mobile app, Chef Magic can be operated remotely, allowing users to track cooking progress while engaging in other activities. The machine also enables users to create and store their own recipes, preserving family heritage recipes for future generations.

Availability and Pricing

Chef Magic is available at an introductory price of INR 49,999 on Wonderchef’s official website and across major retail outlets. Full technical specifications can be accessed at www.wonderchef.com.


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