Zoho Workplace Experiences Significant Growth in Migrations

Zoho Workplace, a suite of collaboration and productivity tools, has witnessed a significant increase in user migrations from other service providers, with a notable ~200% growth globally. In India, the number of migrations to Zoho Workplace has doubled. The platform’s increasing popularity is attributed to its robust offerings and the growing recognition of Zoho as a reliable, homegrown company.

Key Highlights:

  • Zoho Workplace has seen approximately a 200% increase in migrations globally, including a doubling in India.
  • The platform serves notable enterprises like IIFL, FusionMicrofinance, Starhealth, India Cements, and Goa Electricity Board.
  • Zoho offers three editions of Workplace, with prices ranging from ₹58.34 to ₹399 per user per month.
  • Enterprises switching to Zoho Workplace from Microsoft 365 or Google Workplace reportedly save an average of 60% in costs.
  • Zoho provides migration assistance and dedicated onboarding teams for a seamless transition for businesses.


Enterprises such as IIFL, FusionMicrofinance, Starhealth, India Cements, and Goa Electricity Board are among the prominent users of Zoho Workplace. The platform’s development, a result of over two decades of intensive research and development, eschews the trend of acquiring existing software at high valuations. This strategy allows Zoho to offer an integrated, feature-rich suite of tools at competitive prices.

The pricing of Zoho Workplace varies with three editions available: the Standard edition at ₹99 per user per month, the Professional edition at ₹399 per user per month, and Zoho Mail at ₹58.34 per user per month. The suite includes an enterprise-grade email solution, file management, conferencing tools, and an office suite. Zoho’s flexible subscription options enable customers to tailor their plans without being compelled to upgrade for additional storage.

A significant cost benefit is noted for enterprises transitioning to Zoho Workplace from platforms like Microsoft 365 or Google Workplace, with an average saving of 60%. To facilitate the migration process, Zoho offers dedicated support and onboarding teams. These teams ensure that businesses experience a smooth and efficient transition, enabling large employee bases to be migrated swiftly and without operational disruptions.

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