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Apple Intelligence: Siri’s AI-Powered Transformation Coming Spring 2025

Apple Intelligence

Apple is set to unveil Apple Intelligence, a groundbreaking AI system designed to significantly improve Siri’s capabilities and user experience. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, this major update is expected to roll out in spring 2025 via the iOS 18.4 update. This announcement provides a more concrete timeline than Apple’s previous statements, which only indicated that flagship AI features would arrive next year.

Gradual Rollout of New AI-Powered Features

Apple typically introduces new features incrementally through point updates across its operating systems. This approach suggests that Siri might initially gain the ability to perform specific tasks, such as extracting information from photos or assisting with form completion, utilizing Apple Intelligence. However, other AI-powered functions like emoji generation or writing assistance might not be immediately available. Gurman’s report doesn’t delve into these details, but it’s a possibility worth considering.

Upcoming Enhancements and Long-Term AI Vision

A clearer picture of the features to expect will emerge as beta versions of iOS 18 start incorporating them later this year, leading up to the 18.4 release. In the meantime, features like ChatGPT integration, a redesigned Siri interface, and improved product knowledge for basic tech support are anticipated this fall.

Apple’s long-term AI vision reportedly includes AirPods equipped with cameras, as hinted at in rumors, including recent claims by supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. These AirPods, potentially integrated with infrared sensors and the Vision Pro, could facilitate hand gesture and motion detection. Gurman envisions a scenario akin to Meta’s Ray-ban glasses, where AI processes visual data to describe surroundings or provide navigational assistance. However, these advanced AirPods Pro might still be a couple of generations away.

While the complete scope of Apple Intelligence’s capabilities remains to be seen, its potential to reshape Siri and the overall iPhone experience is undeniable. As Apple continues to push the boundaries of AI integration, users can anticipate a more intuitive, helpful, and personalized Siri in the near future.


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