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Gmail Simplifies Your Inbox: Introducing the Switch Between Simple Toolbars

Gmail Simplifies Your Inbox

Gmail users can now enjoy a decluttered and streamlined inbox experience with the ability to switch between simple and advanced toolbars. This new feature offers a customized approach to email management, catering to individual preferences and workflow needs.

A Cleaner Look for Focused Email Management

The simple toolbar is designed for those who prioritize essential functions and a less crowded interface. It features frequently used actions like archiving, reporting spam, deleting, marking as unread, and moving emails. This simplified layout helps users quickly navigate their inbox and focus on the most critical tasks.

Unlocking Advanced Features

For users who require a wider range of options, the advanced toolbar provides access to additional features like snoozing, adding tasks, and applying labels. These tools enable more efficient organization and prioritization of emails, making it easier to stay on top of a busy inbox.

How to Switch Between Toolbars

Switching between the simple and advanced toolbars is a straightforward process:

  1. Open an email or view your inbox.
  2. Locate the “More” option (three vertical dots) in the toolbar.
  3. Click “More” and select either “Switch to simple toolbar” or “Switch to advanced toolbar.”

The change will take effect immediately, allowing you to customize your Gmail experience on the fly.

Why the Change?

The introduction of the switchable toolbars reflects Google’s commitment to providing a user-friendly and customizable email experience. By offering both simple and advanced options, Gmail caters to a wider range of users and their diverse needs. This update aligns with Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance Gmail’s functionality and make it more accessible to everyone.


The new toolbar feature is gradually rolling out to Gmail users worldwide. If you haven’t seen it yet, keep an eye out for the “Your new, simpler toolbar” prompt when opening an email. Once the feature is available on your account, you can start switching between toolbars to find the perfect fit for your workflow.


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