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Homelander Takes Over GTA V: New Mod Sparks Fan Frenzy for GTA 6 Mods

The ever-evolving world of Grand Theft Auto V has seen a myriad of modifications, and the latest addition introduces a character familiar to fans of Amazon Prime’s The Boys. Homelander, the complex and powerful protagonist of the satirical superhero series, is now a playable character in GTA 5, complete with his superhuman abilities and iconic character model.

Social Media Reactions and GTA 6 Anticipation

A clip showcasing the Homelander mod was shared by Twitter account @TheBoysOOCC, sparking excitement among fans. User @The_realdonnie commented on the possibilities this opens up for mods in GTA 6, a game that has yet to be officially announced for PC. While the game is slated for release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in fall 2025, a PC port is expected to follow, based on the pattern set by previous Grand Theft Auto titles.

The mod’s popularity has ignited discussions about a dedicated game for The Boys, as suggested by user @_thshn. The Twitter clip originates from a 2021 YouTube video by TK REBIRTH, which showcases the mod alongside the Natural Vision Evolved graphical enhancement mod, further elevating the visual experience.

Homelander V1 Homelander Mod Gameplay and Features

The original YouTube video has garnered positive feedback, with users praising the mod’s attention to detail. From cars melting under Homelander’s heat vision instead of exploding to the character’s accurate body language, the mod offers an immersive experience for players.

The specific mod used in the video is “Homeland V1 from THE BOYS W/ Cloth Physics,” created by The Darth Knight. Released in November 2020, this mod allows GTA 5 players to step into the shoes of The Boys’ infamous anti-hero, providing a unique and engaging gameplay experience as fans eagerly anticipate the launch of GTA 6.

Looking Ahead to GTA 6

Rockstar Games has released a single trailer for GTA 6, which is approaching 200 million views on YouTube. As the fall 2025 release date draws closer, fans can anticipate additional trailers and potentially screenshots, providing further glimpses into the highly anticipated next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


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