Home News IOS 18 May Introduce Face ID Lock for Built-in iPhone Apps

IOS 18 May Introduce Face ID Lock for Built-in iPhone Apps

IOS 18 May Introduce Face ID Lock for Built-in iPhone Apps

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update is rumored to include a highly anticipated feature: the ability to lock built-in iPhone apps using Face ID. This development, set to be announced at the WWDC 2024 keynote on June 10, 2024, aims to enhance user privacy and security by adding an extra layer of protection to sensitive applications.

Enhancing Security and Privacy

Currently, iPhone users can secure their devices with Face ID, but locking individual apps requires third-party solutions or workarounds. With iOS 18, Apple is expected to natively integrate this capability, allowing users to safeguard their built-in apps such as Photos, Messages, and Mail. This feature will provide peace of mind for those who occasionally hand over their unlocked phones to others or leave their devices unattended.

How It Works

The process of locking apps with Face ID in iOS 18 is anticipated to be straightforward. Users will likely be able to toggle the Face ID lock for specific apps directly from the Settings menu. Once enabled, attempting to open a locked app will prompt the user to authenticate with Face ID, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the content.

This functionality is an extension of existing privacy features in iOS, which already allow third-party apps like WhatsApp and banking apps to utilize Face ID for secure access. By extending this to built-in apps, Apple is addressing a long-standing user request for more granular control over app security.

Additional iOS 18 Features

In addition to the app locking feature, iOS 18 is set to bring a host of other improvements and new functionalities. These include enhancements to Siri, such as more natural voice options and the ability to perform more complex tasks. The Home Screen will also see significant updates, allowing for greater customization, including the ability to freely place app icons and create blank spaces for better organization.

Apple is also working on updating several built-in apps. The Photos app, for instance, will receive new organizational tools, while the Safari browser will be overhauled with improved browsing tools and an intelligent search feature. These updates are part of Apple’s broader effort to make iOS more user-friendly and versatile.

The introduction of Face ID app locks in iOS 18 marks a significant step forward in mobile security and user privacy. By integrating this feature natively, Apple is responding to user demands for more robust security options on their devices. As we await the official announcement and detailed rollout of iOS 18, it’s clear that Apple continues to prioritize user experience and security in its software updates.


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