Google Photos Enhances Memories Feature: Hide Unwanted Faces

Google Photos Enhances Memories Feature

Google Photos has introduced a much-anticipated update that grants users greater control over the cherished Memories feature. Now, you can easily hide the faces of individuals you’d rather not see in these automatic collages and slideshows. This eliminates awkward or unpleasant moments that might resurface with unwanted faces.

Why This Feature Matters

The Memories section of Google Photos is a nostalgic trip, often reminding us of happy times. However, there may be instances where you don’t want to be reminded of certain people. Perhaps it’s an ex-partner, a former friend, or someone else who no longer holds a positive place in your life. This new option lets you tailor your Memories for a more positive experience.

How to Hide Faces in Google Photos Memories

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Google Photos: Locate and open the Google Photos app on your mobile device or access it through your web browser.
  2. People & Pets: Navigate to the “People & Pets” section of Google Photos. Here, you’ll find the faces that Google’s algorithm has recognized in your image library.
  3. Select a Face: Tap on the face of the person you want to hide from Memories.
  4. Overflow Menu: Access the overflow menu (usually represented by three dots) associated with the selected face.
  5. Choose Your Preference: You’ll now see options to:
    • Block Face: This existing function completely hides the chosen individual across Memories, creations, and the search bar.
    • Show Less: This new option minimizes the appearance of a particular face in Memories. Google Photos might still include those photos if they feature a group but will attempt to avoid highlighting the selected person.

Additional Notes

  • This feature is gradually rolling out to users of Google Photos. If you don’t see the update yet, check back within the next few days.
  • Hiding faces within Memories does not delete the underlying photos from your Google Photos library.
  • Consider exploring other helpful Google Photos features, like the ability to archive pictures you don’t need to see regularly.

The Benefits of Personalization

Google Photos is constantly adding tools to make photo management easier and more tailored to your needs. The ability to hide specific faces from Memories emphasizes user control, allowing you to shape a photo experience that brings joy, not unwanted reminders of the past.

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