Home News Lenovo Introduces Customizable Gaming Desktops in India

Lenovo Introduces Customizable Gaming Desktops in India

Lenovo Introduces Customizable Gaming Desktops in India

Lenovo has launched customizable options for their gaming desktops, allowing users to build systems tailored to their specific needs. Customers can upgrade various components such as processors, memory, graphics cards, storage, WiFi connectivity, and cooling fans.

Key Highlights:

  • Lenovo offers end-to-end customization options for gaming desktops.
  • Upgrades include Intel i7 14th generation processors, 32GB memory, Nvidia RTX 4060Ti graphics, and more.
  • Limited time offer: 30% discount on graphic card upgrades.
  • Customized desktops available for purchase on Lenovo’s website and select retailers.

Customization Options

Lenovo’s customization options include:

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  • Processor: Upgrade to the latest Intel i7 14th generation.
  • Memory: Increase up to 32GB for better multitasking.
  • Graphics: Choose Nvidia RTX 4060Ti for superior performance.
  • Storage: Options for SSD and HDD.
  • Cooling: Front and rear fan selection for improved airflow.

Rising Demand for Customizable PCs

According to Statista, India’s desktop PC market is growing as businesses and individuals seek reliable and affordable computing solutions. The trend towards customizable PCs is also increasing, allowing customers to select components that meet their specific needs.

Industry Insights

Ashish Sikka, Director and Category Head at Lenovo India, commented, “As the needs of consumers diversify, our customization options enable users to access high-performance systems tailored to their requirements.”

Special Offer

To promote this trend, Lenovo is offering a 30% discount on graphic card upgrades for a limited time. Customized desktops can be purchased on Lenovo’s website and selected retailers, with delivery within four weeks from the order date.

For more information on Lenovo’s custom desktop options, visit Lenovo’s Customization Page.

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