Home News Samsung Confirms Free Access to Galaxy AI Features Until 2025

Samsung Confirms Free Access to Galaxy AI Features Until 2025

Samsung Galaxy AI features, including translation, search, and photo editing, will remain free until the end of 2025, potentially becoming paid in 2026.

Samsung Confirms Free Access to Galaxy AI Features Until 2025

Samsung initially introduced the Galaxy AI alongside the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, enhancing user experiences with AI-powered tools. These capabilities include real-time translation, object-based search, webpage summarization, and more. While currently free, Samsung has confirmed changes to this policy.

Global Showcase of Galaxy AI and Future Pricing

Samsung is highlighting the potential of Galaxy AI by establishing seven Galaxy Experience Spaces worldwide. The company has officially announced that Galaxy AI features will remain free on supported Galaxy devices until the end of 2025. However, starting in 2026, users may be charged for utilizing these AI capabilities.

Potential for a Paid “Galaxy AI+” Version

While not yet confirmed, speculations suggest that Samsung might introduce a premium version of Galaxy AI, possibly named “Galaxy AI+,” in 2026. This paid version could offer additional features and capabilities, while the basic Galaxy AI functionalities might remain free, similar to other companies’ strategies. This approach aligns with the trend of initially free generative AI-based virtual assistants like ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Google’s Gemini, which later introduced paid tiers with enhanced features.

Current Galaxy AI Features

Currently, Galaxy AI offers several innovative features:

Circle to Search: Co-developed with Google, this feature enables users to search by long-pressing the home button and circling objects on the screen.
Chat Assist: This tool suggests appropriate replies and phrases in conversations, along with real-time message translation in 13 languages.
Interpreter: This feature facilitates real-time translation during conversations with individuals speaking different languages, even without internet connectivity.
Photo Assist: Leveraging the Generative Edit tool, Photo Assist helps users enhance their photos through enlargement or other editing options.


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