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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: OLED to LCD Cover Display Controversy pen_spark

Leaked specs suggest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 may downgrade to an LCD cover display. Will this controversial move tarnish the highly anticipated foldable? Find out the truth at Galaxy Unpacked.

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, set to be unveiled at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, may disappoint some fans with a potential downgrade in display technology. While the Z Flip 5 brought a significant improvement with its 3.4-inch Super AMOLED cover display, leaked information suggests that the Z Flip 6 might revert to using an IPS LCD panel for the cover display.

The Disappointing Switch to LCD

This revelation comes from a leaked image detailing the Galaxy Z Flip 6’s specifications, which lists the display technology for the cover display as IPS. If accurate, this would mark a step backward from the Z Flip 5’s dual Super AMOLED setup, as IPS LCD panels are generally considered inferior to OLED panels in terms of contrast, color accuracy, and power efficiency.

LCD Panels: An Outdated Technology in 2024

The use of LCD displays in 2024, when OLED technology has become the standard for premium smartphones, is a surprising move by Samsung. LCD panels are unable to match the deep blacks and vibrant colors of OLED displays, and they tend to consume more power due to their reliance on backlighting.

A Glimmer of Hope: Potential Inaccuracy of Leaked Information

However, it’s important to note that this information may not be entirely accurate. While Galaxy Z Flip 6 rumors have been circulating for months, there has been no prior indication that the device would feature an IPS LCD cover display. With Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event just days away, the truth will soon be revealed.


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