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Ubuntu Core 24: Elevating IoT and Edge Computing

Ubuntu Core 24

Ubuntu Core 24, the latest release from Canonical, is making waves in the IoT and edge computing arenas with its robust feature set and long-term support. This release leverages Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) to provide a secure, containerized environment optimized for IoT devices, edge computing, and embedded systems.

Enhanced GPU Support and New IoT Capabilities

The introduction of Ubuntu Core 24 brings improved GPU support which is pivotal for AIoT applications, enabling more efficient running of AI models at the edge. This is coupled with an updated graphics driver and optimized resource utilization, which enhances the performance of graphical applications on devices like kiosks and digital signage​.

Azure IoT Edge Integration

A significant update in this release is the integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. This collaboration enhances the capability of Ubuntu Core devices to handle computation, storage, and AI tasks by connecting seamlessly with Azure services. The Azure IoT Edge Agent snaps facilitate deployment, management, and monitoring of edge workloads directly from Azure, enhancing the overall efficiency and security of IoT implementations.

Robotics and ROS Integration

For robotics developers, Ubuntu Core 24 offers new ROS integrations. This includes ROS foundational snaps maintained by Canonical, which simplify the deployment of ROS applications and enhance security through strict application confinement. This modular approach aids developers in creating flexible and secure robotics architecture that can adapt to varied customer needs without compromising on reliability​​.

Secure and Reliable

Ubuntu Core 24 is designed with security at its core. The OS features secure boot, full disk encryption, and transactional updates over-the-air, ensuring that devices remain secure and up-to-date. Coupled with Canonical’s long-term support, which spans up to 12 years, Ubuntu Core 24 offers a stable and secure platform for critical IoT implementations​.

Device Management with Landscape

Enhancing device management capabilities, Ubuntu Core 24 integrates with Landscape, Canonical’s systems management tool. This integration provides centralized control of OTA updates, security monitoring, and compliance management across devices, supporting both connected and air-gapped environments​.

Ubuntu Core 24 is set to streamline IoT and edge computing with its advanced features and integrations. This release not only supports a wide range of hardware but also provides the tools necessary for efficient and secure device management, making it a strong choice for businesses looking to deploy sophisticated IoT solutions.


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