Home News Xbox Game Pass Sees Price Adjustments and New Tier Introduction

Xbox Game Pass Sees Price Adjustments and New Tier Introduction

Xbox Game Pass Sees Price Adjustments and New Tier Introduction

Microsoft is implementing changes to its Xbox Game Pass service, including price increases across various subscription tiers and the introduction of a new, budget-friendly option. These changes will take effect starting September 12, 2024, for most subscribers.

Increased Prices Across Subscription Tiers

Subscribing to Xbox Game Pass is becoming more expensive as Microsoft has raised the prices for all Xbox Game Pass subscription tiers. In India, the PC Game Pass will see a price increase from Rs. 349 to Rs. 449 per month. Similarly, Game Pass Ultimate in India will rise from Rs. 549 to Rs. 829 per month.

New Standard Plan with Limited Features

The newly introduced Xbox Game Pass Standard plan aims to offer a more affordable option. However, it comes with a caveat – it won’t include day-one releases of new Xbox games. This differs from the Ultimate plan, which continues to provide access to new games upon their release. The Standard plan will still allow users to play online multiplayer games on Xbox consoles. Currently, there’s no information regarding the availability of the Standard tier in India.

Impact on Existing Subscribers

Existing Xbox Game Pass for Console subscribers can continue their subscriptions for the time being. However, renewals beyond 13 months after September 18, 2024, won’t be possible. Additionally, longer subscription options like the 12-month Xbox Game Pass Core plan will experience price increases. In India, a 6-month Game Pass Core subscription will rise to Rs. 1,799 from Rs. 749.

Microsoft’s Justification and Future Plans

While the price increases might disappoint some, Microsoft states that these adjustments will enable them to deliver more value and a wider selection of high-quality games to their members. The company has plans to add major titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, Age of Mythology: Retold, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to the Game Pass in the near future.


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