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Android 15 Beta 3 Arrives with Platform Stability, New Features, and Security Updates

Android 15 Beta 3 Arrives with Platform Stability, New Features, and Security Updates

Google has released the third beta version of its upcoming Android 15 operating system (OS), marking a significant step towards its official launch. The update, available for Pixel devices starting from Pixel 6, brings a host of new features and improvements, focusing on platform stability, user experience enhancements, and developer readiness.

Platform Stability: A Key Milestone for Developers

Android 15 Beta 3 has reached ‘platform stability,’ a crucial development phase indicating that the core APIs and app-facing behaviors are now finalized. This stability enables developers to confidently test and optimize their apps for compatibility with Android 15, ensuring a smooth user experience upon the OS’s official release.

New Features and User Experience Enhancements

The Beta 3 update introduces several notable features, including:

  • Adaptive Timeout: This feature intelligently adjusts the screen timeout duration based on user behavior, potentially extending it if the user is actively looking at the screen.
  • Private Space: Similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder, Private Space allows users to lock specific apps behind an additional layer of authentication, enhancing privacy and security.
  • Redesigned Wallpaper Editor: The wallpaper editor has been refreshed with a new look and improved functionality, making personalizing the device’s appearance more intuitive.
  • Android Safe Browsing: This feature provides an added layer of protection against phishing and malware threats when browsing the web.

Additional Improvements

Android 15 Beta 3 also includes a range of other improvements, such as:

  • Memory Management: The maximum parcelable size has been increased to 8KB, improving memory management and potentially boosting performance for devices with larger RAM capacities.
  • Predictive Back Animations: This feature aims to deliver a smoother and more intuitive back navigation experience, now enabled by default to encourage developer adoption.

Security Updates

The Beta 3 release incorporates the June 2024 security patches, ensuring that users are protected against the latest known vulnerabilities.


Android 15 Beta 3 is available for installation on compatible Pixel devices through the Android Beta Program. While this beta version offers a glimpse into the upcoming Android 15 experience, it’s important to remember that it is still under development and may contain bugs or issues.

With the achievement of platform stability, Google has entered the final stages of Android 15’s development. While the official release timeline remains unconfirmed, it is anticipated that the stable version will begin rolling out to Pixel devices later this year, followed by a gradual expansion to other Android smartphones.


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