Home News Avonic Expands to Indian Market with Alphatec Partnership, Enhancing AV Solutions Availability

Avonic Expands to Indian Market with Alphatec Partnership, Enhancing AV Solutions Availability

Avonic Expands to Indian Market with Alphatec Partnership, Enhancing AV Solutions Availability

Avonic, a Dutch manufacturer known for its professional PTZ cameras and AI software, has officially entered the Indian market. This expansion is marked by a distribution partnership with Alphatec, a Mumbai-based distributor of premium audio and video equipment. This move aims to tap into India’s rapidly growing pro-AV sector, which is fueled by increasing demands in corporate, educational, and entertainment sectors.

Strategic Market Entry

Avonic’s strategic decision to partner with Alphatec aligns with the burgeoning demand for advanced AV solutions in India. As the third-largest pro-AV market in the Asia-Pacific region, India’s diverse cultural and technological needs present a fertile ground for high-quality, scalable AV solutions. The partnership is set to cater to these needs with a range of competitively priced products.

Martijn van Bodegom, COO of Avonic, emphasized the importance of the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Alphatec is crucial as we venture into new territories. We are committed to providing excellent support and products that meet the high standards of the Indian market.”

Devasis Barkataki, Founder and Managing Director of Alphatec, commented on the partnership’s potential, “This collaboration enhances our capabilities and positions Avonic as a top choice in India, known for superior product quality and comprehensive customer support.”

Product Portfolio Tailored for India

Avonic’s product offerings in India include a variety of PTZ cameras and AI tracking solutions designed to meet diverse consumer needs. Highlighted products include:

CM93 Series: This series features the CM93-IP PTZ Camera, which offers 4K Ultra HD output at 60fps, 30x zoom in 4K, and 50x zoom in Full HD, equipped with a Sony CMOS sensor for excellent image quality even in low-light conditions. The camera supports multiple output formats and is ideal for fixed installations where high-quality video is essential.

CM70 Series: Known for its versatility, the CM70 series cameras provide stunning Full HD resolution and low latency video transmission. These cameras are suited for various installation environments, thanks to their high SNR CMOS sensor and multiple lens options.

CM22-VCU: This camera features a 4K wide-angle lens and built-in configurable dual microphones, making it perfect for conference rooms and educational settings where clear video and audio capture are crucial.

Future Prospects and Expansion

In addition to the Indian market, Avonic plans to expand its distribution network to South Africa, Nigeria, UAE, Australia, and Morocco in the coming months. This expansion underscores Avonic’s aim to enhance its global footprint and cater to the increasing global demand for sophisticated AV solutions.

As Avonic continues to grow, the company remains dedicated to innovation and quality, ensuring that its solutions are accessible and relevant to markets worldwide.


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