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Haier India Launches New Phoenix Series Refrigerators with Premium Glass Doors

Haier Phoenix

Haier Appliances India has introduced the Phoenix series, a new addition to its direct cool range of refrigerators, featuring premium glass doors. Available in capacities of 185 liters and 190 liters, these refrigerators are designed to cater to the modern aesthetic and functional needs of Indian households. The Phoenix series is available starting from INR 21,000 across various retail channels nationwide.

Enhanced Design and Functional Innovations

The Phoenix series refrigerators from Haier come equipped with several innovative features aimed at enhancing user convenience and efficiency. The refrigerators boast a sleek glass design that adds a modern touch to kitchen decors. They are designed with toughened glass shelves, which are robust enough to support heavy kitchenware, thus providing versatility in storage.

One of the key features of the new series is the inclusion of a base drawer, which offers additional storage space for non-refrigerated food items and vegetables. This design helps in keeping kitchen spaces organized and making essential items easily accessible.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Incorporating Haier’s Diamond Edge Freezing Technology (DEFT) and 1 HIT (one-hour icing technology), the Phoenix refrigerators ensure rapid cooling and efficient ice production. This technology ensures that ice remains clear and drinks stay chilled, enhancing the beverage experience.

Moreover, the Phoenix range is designed to operate without a stabilizer, effectively handling voltage fluctuations and ensuring uninterrupted performance. This feature adds to the reliability of the appliances, offering peace of mind to the consumers.

Focus on Hygiene and Energy Efficiency

The new series also emphasizes hygiene with its removable anti-bacterial gasket, which makes cleaning easier and helps in maintaining the freshness of the stored items. In terms of energy consumption, the refrigerators are available in 2, 3, and 5-star BEE ratings, promoting energy efficiency and helping consumers save on electricity costs over time.

Warranty and Availability

Haier is offering a significant 10-year warranty on the compressors of both models, along with a 1-year product warranty on the 185-liter model and a 2-year warranty on the 190-liter model. These offerings underscore Haier’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Phoenix series is now available for purchase across all leading retail stores, ensuring that customers can easily access these latest refrigerators from Haier.


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