Home News Nikon Z6III Launches in India: A New Contender in Mid-Range Full-Frame Cameras

Nikon Z6III Launches in India: A New Contender in Mid-Range Full-Frame Cameras

Nikon Z6III Launches in India: A New Contender in Mid-Range Full-Frame Cameras

Nikon India Private Limited has announced the launch of the Z6III, a new hybrid camera in its esteemed Z series. The Z6III, inheriting key features from the Z9 and Z8, offers notable advancements in performance and functionality, positioning it prominently in the mid-range full-frame camera market.

Advanced Imaging Technology and Performance

The Z6III is equipped with the first partially-stacked CMOS sensor among full-frame/FX-format mirrorless cameras, providing a significant speed advantage with 3.5 times faster data processing than its predecessors. This innovation supports high-speed continuous shooting and Pre-Release Capture at 120 fps for JPEG images, along with an option to shoot at 60 fps in FX format.

This camera also features a high-resolution EVF with 4000 cd/m2 brightness and 5760k dots resolution, ensuring vivid visual accuracy and enhanced ease of use for tracking fast-moving subjects.

Versatile Video and Autofocus Capabilities

Nikon’s latest model extends its versatility with 6K, 5.4K, and Full HD/240p video recording capabilities, making it ideal for a diverse range of applications from wedding videography to wildlife and event coverage. The Z6III supports up to 125 minutes of continuous 4K UHD/60p recording, facilitated by its advanced heat dissipation features.

In terms of autofocus, the Z6III boasts a detection range down to -10 EV, ensuring sharp focus in low-light conditions. Enhanced autofocus precision is particularly evident in backlit scenes, with capabilities to identify up to nine subject types, including human faces. The autofocus speed has been improved by approximately 20 percent over its predecessor.

Enhanced Low-Light Performance and Stability

The Z6III captures exceptional low-light imagery with ISO settings of up to 51200 for videos and 64000 for photos. Nikon’s EXPEED 7 image-processing engine aids in high ISO noise reduction, preserving detailed textures. Additionally, the camera offers robust in-camera Vibration Reduction (VR), achieving up to an 8.0-stop advantage, and includes electronic VR for video stabilization.

Durability and Creative Expression

Constructed with Sereebo® P series carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, the Z6III is built to endure harsh weather conditions, operating effectively in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. The camera introduces Flexible Color Picture Control in the NX Studio software, providing photographers with enhanced creative control over their images through intuitive color adjustment tools.

Connectivity and Cloud Integration

The Z6III integrates seamlessly with Nikon’s new cloud service, Nikon Imaging Cloud, enhancing the imaging experience by facilitating the transfer of photos directly to cloud storage solutions. This service supports unique Imaging Recipes, allowing users to explore new photographic styles effortlessly.

Availability and Pricing

The Nikon Z6III will be available for purchase across India by the end of June 2024, priced at INR 247,990 for the body alone. For more details on the Z6III and other Nikon products, please visit Nikon India’s website.


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