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Infinix GT 20 Pro vs GT 10 Pro: Two Generations of Gaming Phone Compared Side by Side

The Infinix GT 20 Pro faces off against the GT 10 Pro. Explore the differences in display, performance, camera, and features to decide which gaming phone is right for you.

Infinix GT 20 Pro vs. GT 10 Pro

Infinix, a rising star in the smartphone market, has expanded its GT series with the release of the GT 20 Pro, the successor to the well-received GT 10 Pro. While both phones target the budget-conscious gamer, there are key differences that could sway your buying decision. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison.The Infinix GT series has been known for its gaming-focused smartphones, offering high performance at an affordable price. With the recent release of the Infinix GT 20 Pro, it is essential to understand how it stacks up against its predecessor, the GT 10 Pro. This article delves into the differences and similarities between these two models, helping consumers make an informed decision.

Display and Design: A Subtle Shift

Both the GT 20 Pro and GT 10 Pro boast a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with vibrant colors and deep blacks. However, the GT 20 Pro takes it up a notch with a 144Hz refresh rate, promising even smoother visuals compared to the GT 10 Pro’s 120Hz. While the design language remains largely consistent, the GT 20 Pro features subtle refinements that give it a slightly more premium feel.

The Infinix GT 20 Pro features a larger 6.78-inch AMOLED display, compared to the 6.67-inch AMOLED screen of the GT 10 Pro. Both screens have FHD resolution, but the GT 20 Pro stands out with a higher refresh rate of 144Hz versus 120Hz on the GT 10 Pro. Additionally, the GT 20 Pro boasts a peak brightness of 1300 nits, enhancing HDR content viewing, while the GT 10 Pro peaks at 900 nits.The design improvements include a better screen-to-body ratio of 91% for the GT 20 Pro, up from 87% in the GT 10 Pro, achieved by thinner bezels. This makes the GT 20 Pro not only visually appealing but also more immersive for gaming and media consumption.

Performance Boost: Dimensity 8200 Ultimate Takes the Lead

Under the hood, the GT 20 Pro is equipped with MediaTek’s Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chipset, an upgrade from the Dimensity 8050 found in the GT 10 Pro. This translates to a notable performance increase, making the GT 20 Pro more capable of handling demanding games and multitasking with ease.

Under the hood, the GT 20 Pro is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chipset, built on a 4nm process, offering significant improvements in efficiency and performance over the Dimensity 8050 (6nm) found in the GT 10 Pro. The GT 20 Pro scores around 955,000 points on AnTuTu benchmarks, significantly higher than the GT 10 Pro’s 734,000 points.Both models come with 8GB of RAM, but the GT 20 Pro utilizes faster LPDDR5X RAM compared to the LPDDR4X in the GT 10 Pro. Storage remains the same with UFS 3.1 technology, offering up to 256GB internal storage in both devices.

Camera System: Small Improvements

In terms of camera capabilities, both phones offer a triple-lens setup with a 108MP primary sensor. While the GT 20 Pro features minor enhancements in image processing, the overall photography experience remains largely similar between the two models.Both smartphones are equipped with a 108MP primary sensor, accompanied by two 2MP macro and depth sensors. However, the GT 20 Pro includes optical image stabilization (OIS), which is absent in the GT 10 Pro. This addition results in more stable shots and smoother video recording.In terms of video capabilities, the GT 20 Pro can record 4K videos at 60FPS, whereas the GT 10 Pro is limited to 30FPS. For slow-motion enthusiasts, the GT 20 Pro can capture 1080p videos at 240FPS, compared to the GT 10 Pro’s 1080p at 60FPS.

Battery and Charging: No Major Changes

Both the GT 20 Pro and GT 10 Pro pack a 5000mAh battery, offering all-day usage for most users. They also support 45W fast charging, ensuring quick top-ups when needed.Both models sport a 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging, ensuring that users can quickly recharge their devices. The battery life is comparable, making either device a good choice for heavy usage.

Software and Other Features:

The GT 20 Pro ships with the latest version of Infinix’s XOS, based on Android 13, while the GT 10 Pro comes with Android 12 out of the box. While both phones offer a clean and user-friendly interface, the GT 20 Pro benefits from the latest software features and optimizations.The GT 10 Pro launched with Android 13-based XOS 13, with a promise of one major OS update and two years of security updates. In contrast, the GT 20 Pro comes with Android 14-based XOS 14, and Infinix has committed to providing two major OS updates and three years of security updates, ensuring a longer lifespan for the newer model.

Price and Availability:

The Infinix GT 10 Pro is priced at ₹24,999 (8/256) whereas the GT 20 Pro is priced at ₹23,999 (8/256) and ₹25,999 (12/256).

The Infinix GT 20 Pro typically retails for a slightly higher price than the GT 10 Pro, which might be a factor for budget-minded consumers. However, the GT 20 Pro’s performance and display upgrades could justify the price difference for those seeking a more powerful gaming experience.

Gaming and Additional Features

The GT 20 Pro introduces a dedicated display chip, the Pixelworks X5 Turbo, which enhances gaming performance by enabling technologies like MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) and Game Optical Optimization. This allows games to run at higher frame rates, ensuring smoother gameplay.

The Infinix GT 20 Pro undoubtedly offers a significant step up from its predecessor, the GT 10 Pro. With a faster processor, a higher refresh rate display, and the latest software, it caters well to mobile gamers and power users. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option and can compromise on some of the upgrades, the GT 10 Pro remains a solid choice. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and budget.

The Infinix GT 20 Pro brings several notable upgrades over the GT 10 Pro, including a better display, more powerful processor, enhanced gaming features, and improved camera capabilities. While the GT 10 Pro remains a solid choice for its price, the GT 20 Pro offers better performance and future-proofing, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a superior gaming and multimedia experience.


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