Home News Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Goes Digital with 2TB Model: An Overview

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Goes Digital with 2TB Model: An Overview

Microsoft's Xbox Series X Goes Digital with 2TB Model

Microsoft has officially announced the launch of its all-digital Xbox Series X 2TB edition, codenamed “Brooklin,” set to hit the market in late 2024. This marks a strategic shift towards digital gaming, aligning with current consumer trends and technological advancements.

Detailed Overview

The new Xbox Series X will not feature a disc drive, which underscores Microsoft’s commitment to digital gaming. Instead, it offers a substantial 2TB of internal storage to accommodate a large library of digital games. This move mirrors the industry’s broader shift away from physical media, as seen with similar strategies from other console manufacturers.

Technical Specifications and Performance

Despite maintaining the same core gaming performance as its predecessor, the new Xbox Series X introduces significant enhancements in connectivity and efficiency. The console will support Wi-Fi 6E, providing faster and more reliable internet connections. The introduction of Bluetooth 5.2 marks a first for Xbox consoles, enabling better connectivity with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Additionally, the Xbox Series X aims to be more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. A smaller die and a redesigned power supply unit contribute to a 15% reduction in power consumption, which not only benefits users in terms of energy costs but also lessens the environmental impact​.

Xbox Universal Controller

In line with the console update, Microsoft is also set to introduce a new Xbox Universal Controller, codenamed “Sebile.” This controller promises to enhance the gaming experience with modular thumbsticks and improved durability. It will feature Direct-to-Cloud connectivity, allowing for seamless gaming over cloud services, and will support Xbox Wireless 2.0 along with Bluetooth 5.2. The controller is also expected to include precision haptic feedback, which could provide tactile sensations enhancing the gaming experience​​.

Market Outlook and Availability

The digital-only Xbox Series X is scheduled for a late October 2024 release, with the official announcement likely to occur between June and July of the same year. Priced at $499, it remains accessible to a broad audience, maintaining the price point of its predecessor despite its increased storage capacity and enhanced features​​.

Microsoft’s update to the Xbox Series X aligns with a digital future and reflects an understanding of evolving consumer preferences. By removing the disc drive and doubling the storage capacity, Microsoft not only caters to the modern gamer’s needs but also positions itself strongly against competitors in the console market.


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