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Samsung’s 2024 Monitor Innovations: Odyssey OLED, ViewFinity, and Smart Monitors

Samsung 2024 Monitor Innovation

Samsung Electronics has expanded its monitor portfolio with updated entries in its Odyssey OLED, ViewFinity, and Smart Monitor lineups, showcasing a fusion of refined aesthetics and advanced technology.

Odyssey OLED Series

The Odyssey OLED series introduces three new models—the G9, G8, and G6—enhancing the gaming landscape with state-of-the-art features. These monitors, revealed at CES 2024, are designed for unparalleled gaming experiences. The 49-inch curved Odyssey OLED G9 offers an ultra-wide screen with Dual Quad High Definition (DQHD) resolution, providing expansive and immersive visuals. Meanwhile, the 32-inch Odyssey OLED G8 is Samsung’s first flat OLED gaming monitor, offering 4K resolution, and the 27-inch Odyssey G6 presents a Quad High Definition (QHD) display with a remarkable 360Hz refresh rate for fluid, ultra-responsive gameplay. All models incorporate OLED Glare-Free technology, ensuring consistent image quality under various lighting conditions, and support VESA DisplayHDR™ True Black for deep blacks and vivid colors.

Smart Monitor Series

The Smart Monitor series, particularly the M8 model, has been upgraded with an array of AI-driven features for enhanced entertainment and productivity. This includes AI upscaling to boost lower resolution content to near 4K quality and an Active Voice Amplifier Pro to optimize dialogue clarity by analyzing ambient noise. The series offers seamless integration with Samsung’s ecosystem, facilitating features like 360 Audio Mode when paired with Galaxy Buds and a built-in SlimFit Camera compatible with Samsung Dex for convenient video calls. New additions such as a Workout Tracker that interfaces with a Galaxy Watch enhance user engagement by displaying real-time health data during workouts.

ViewFinity Series

Tailored for professionals and creatives, the ViewFinity series boasts monitors like the ViewFinity S8, which offers 4K resolution and supports the display of 1 billion colors to ensure precise color accuracy. These monitors are designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing at least 10% recycled plastic and eco-friendly packaging. Enhanced setup and ergonomic features, such as an Easy Setup Stand and Intelligent Eye Care, prioritize user comfort and environmental responsibility.

These innovations underline Samsung’s commitment to merging sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology, providing tools that cater to both gamers and professionals alike, ensuring that whether at work or play, the experience is nothing short of exceptional.


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