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Noise Introduces New Menstrual Health Features for Luna Ring to Enhance Women’s Wellness

Noise Introduces New Menstrual Health Features for Luna Ring to Enhance Women's Wellness

Noise, a prominent player in India’s smartwatch market, has expanded the capabilities of its Luna Ring with new features focused on menstrual health. This update aims to deliver personalized insights for women, enhancing their understanding and management of menstrual cycles.

Bridging the Gap in Menstrual Health Education and Technology

The latest survey conducted by Noise highlighted that while 82% of women are aware of their menstrual health issues, only a small fraction have access to proper education about them. The findings also reveal significant societal hurdles: about 26.3% of women feel embarrassed to discuss menstrual health with their family, and 68.1% believe men lack understanding on the topic. Additionally, 71% consider menstruation a taboo subject in academic and professional settings.

To address these challenges, Noise has enhanced the Luna Ring to provide a more comprehensive approach to women’s health. The ring now includes features that cater to the intricacies of menstrual wellness, supporting women in gaining deeper insights into their health.

Key Updates to the Luna Ring

  • Period and Symptom Tracker: The Luna Ring allows users to log their menstrual cycles, track previous periods, and record symptoms, helping to tailor the device to their specific health patterns.
  • Smart Period Predictions: By analyzing user data such as basal temperature and oxygen saturation, the Luna Ring offers predictions on fertile windows and upcoming menstrual periods, which become more accurate with regular use.
  • Luna AI Assistance: This feature provides users with confidential answers to sensitive questions about menstrual health, ensuring privacy and accurate information.

Dr. Shweta Wazir, a Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Motherhood Hospitals, Gurgaon, notes the significant impact of irregular menstrual cycles on women’s health and welcomes the integration of AI-driven tools like the Luna Ring for better health management.

Amit Khatri, Co-Founder of Noise, comments on the initiative, “Our latest update to the Luna Ring is about empowering women to manage their health proactively. We are committed to enhancing our products to support the well-being of our customers.”

Advanced Technology and Design

The Luna Ring, known for its precision and robust design, tracks over 70 body metrics with 98.2% accuracy. It incorporates AI and stress-tracking capabilities, making it a versatile health companion. Following the acquisition of the AI-powered wellness platform SocialBoat, Noise continues to advance its health and fitness metrics.

The Luna Ring is available in multiple sizes and colors such as Sunlit Gold and Stardust Silver, ensuring that users can find a style that suits them best. It is available for purchase at www.lunazone.com and selected retail stores.


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