Home News Noise Launches NoiseFit Origin Smartwatch Featuring EN 1 Processor and Nebula UI

Noise Launches NoiseFit Origin Smartwatch Featuring EN 1 Processor and Nebula UI

Noise Launches NoiseFit Origin Smartwatch Featuring EN 1 Processor and Nebula UI

Noise, a leading wearable technology brand in India, has officially announced the launch of its latest smartwatch, the NoiseFit Origin. This new device is set to redefine the wearable tech market with its cutting-edge features and premium design. Here’s a comprehensive look at what the NoiseFit Origin brings to the table.

Key Features and Specifications

EN 1 Processor: The NoiseFit Origin is powered by the newly introduced EN 1 processor, which promises a significant improvement in performance. According to Noise, the EN 1 processor enhances the smartwatch’s performance by 30%, ensuring smoother transitions, faster processing power, and quick response times to user interactions. This makes the smartwatch more efficient in handling various tasks and applications​.

Nebula UI: The smartwatch debuts with Noise’s latest user interface, the Nebula UI. This new UI brings a host of visual and functional improvements. It features enhanced icons, sophisticated gradients, and revamped menu layouts that improve the overall user experience. The Nebula UI also optimizes screen organization by combining notifications and workout screens, and introduces smart widgets for quick access to essential data​​.

Design and Display: The NoiseFit Origin boasts a sleek and premium design with a stainless steel unibody and precise contour cuts. It includes a rotating dial and a physical button on the right side for easy navigation. The smartwatch features a high-resolution AMOLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, offering vibrant and clear visuals. Users can customize the watch faces to match their style and preferences​.

Health and Fitness Features: NoiseFit Origin is equipped with comprehensive health monitoring features. It includes a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, and a fitness age feature that compares the user’s overall fitness to others in their age group. Additionally, the Readiness Analysis feature measures the user’s preparedness based on their activity and sleep patterns. These features make the NoiseFit Origin an excellent companion for fitness enthusiasts​​.

Durability and Other Features: The smartwatch comes with a 3 ATM water resistance rating, making it suitable for various activities, including swimming. It also includes SOS technology for emergencies. The NoiseFit Origin supports multiple sports modes and provides detailed insights into various activities, enhancing the user’s overall fitness journey​.

Pricing and Availability

The NoiseFit Origin is priced at ₹6,499 and will be available for purchase on Amazon and the official Noise website. The first sale is expected to begin on June 7 at 12 noon. This competitive pricing, coupled with its premium features, positions the NoiseFit Origin as a strong contender in the smartwatch market​​.

Noise’s latest offering, the NoiseFit Origin, combines advanced technology with a sleek design to provide users with a superior smartwatch experience. With the powerful EN 1 processor and the intuitive Nebula UI, the NoiseFit Origin is set to make a significant impact in the wearable tech space.


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