Home News OPPO Reno12 Series to Elevate Mobile Photography and Productivity with AI Integration

OPPO Reno12 Series to Elevate Mobile Photography and Productivity with AI Integration

OPPO Reno12 Series Elevates Mobile Photography and Productivity with AI Integration

OPPO India is set to release the Reno12 5G and Reno12 Pro 5G, devices that incorporate AI-driven features to enhance both photography and productivity. Positioned as an accessible AI tool for daily tasks, these smartphones bring advanced AI technology within reach at a competitive price point.

AI-Enhanced Photography

The Reno12 Series introduces features like AI Eraser 2.0, which removes unwanted background distractions with a touch of a button, utilizing a diffusion model trained on billions of images. This allows for near-professional photo editing results directly from your smartphone. Additionally, AI Perfect Shot and AI Clear Face technologies ensure that every individual in group photos is captured clearly, regardless of background or lighting conditions.

OPPO has also developed AI Best Face, which adjusts facial expressions in photographs to ensure everyone looks their best, even adjusting closed eyes to appear open. The series’ AI Studio feature enables users to convert photos into various digital avatars, from cowboys to cyberpunk heroes, showcasing the playful side of mobile photography.

Streamlined Productivity Tools

The Reno12 models are equipped with OPPO’s AI Toolbox, which includes AI Writer, AI Summary, and AI Speak, aimed at enhancing office productivity. These tools assist with tasks such as email composition, meeting summaries, and vocal commands, facilitating more efficient workflow management.

AI Recording Summary feature helps users manage long meetings by providing concise summaries and transcripts, a significant time-saver in professional settings. AI Clear Voice technology ensures clear call quality by reducing background noise by up to 40dB, making it ideal for calls in noisy environments.

Connectivity and Battery Efficiency

AI LinkBoost technology optimizes network usage, reducing data lag and improving connection stability in crowded areas. The devices come equipped with a 5000mAh battery, supporting 80W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charge, which can fully charge the battery in just 46 minutes. OPPO’s Trinity Engine optimizes app performance and battery life by managing computational demands in real-time.

Network Resilience and Data Management

OPPO introduces BeaconLink technology, which allows voice calls via Bluetooth in areas without network coverage, such as underground or remote locations. The series also features RAM-Vitalization to enhance app startup speeds and ROM-Vitalization to compress less frequently used data, maximizing storage efficiency.

Expanding AI Accessibility

With the launch of the Reno12 Series, OPPO reaffirms its commitment to making advanced AI features more accessible. The company’s investment in AI research and development is extensive, with over 5,399 AI-related patents held globally. This development is part of OPPO’s broader goal to empower over 50 million users with cutting-edge technology, in collaboration with giants like Google and Qualcomm.

The OPPO Reno12 Series represents a significant step in making high-level AI functionality available to a broader audience, emphasizing user-friendly technology at an affordable price.


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