Home News Panasonic Launches India’s First AI-powered MINAS A7 Servo System

Panasonic Launches India’s First AI-powered MINAS A7 Servo System

Panasonic Launches India’s First AI-powered MINAS A7 Servo System

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), a prominent technology company, has introduced the AI-equipped MINAS A7 servo system, marking a first in the industry. Alongside, the MINAS CZ1 Global and MINAS A6SC series Servo Motors were also launched, aiming to optimize manufacturing efficiency with precise control and performance.

Key Highlights:

  • MINAS A7 automates precise tuning with AI, reducing operation time by 90% compared to manual tuning.
  • The launch includes MINAS CZ1 Global and MINAS A6SC series servo motors.
  • Applications include chip transfer machines, metal processing, laser processing, and bonding equipment.

MINAS A7 Servo Systems

The MINAS A7 servo motors, equipped with AI, automate precise tuning traditionally done by human experts. These motors set new standards in motion performance with Panasonic’s precAIse TUNING technology. The MINAS A7 system offers a speed response frequency of 4.0 kHz and an encoder resolution of 27 bits (134,217,728 pulses/rotation), ensuring high positioning and processing accuracy. Additionally, energy-saving features reduce operational costs and environmental impact. The compact design makes these motors suitable for installations in limited spaces.

MINAS CZ1 Global and MINAS A6SC Servo Motors

The MINAS CZ1 series is designed for complex automation systems, featuring a response frequency of 3200 Hz and support for EtherCAT for high-speed communication. It includes real-time automatic adjustment and vibration control filters for optimal performance. System upgrades can be performed without dedicated hardware, enhancing system flexibility.

The MINAS A6SC series is suitable for various applications, from light-duty to high-power operations, with a wide range of power ratings. It offers a 3.2 kHz response frequency, multiple vibration control filters, and advanced functionalities for precision and efficiency.

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Industry Impact and Applications

Narayan Kumar, Divisional Director of INDD, PLSIND, highlighted the evolving technology for automating servo motor tuning. The new servo systems address the need for ultra-precise positioning in semiconductor manufacturing, electronic component mounting machines, and industrial robots. Kumar emphasized that these systems enhance productivity by adapting quickly and intuitively.

Panasonic’s Industrial Devices Division provides technologies and systems to industries including automotive, telecom, factory automation, and manufacturing. The division supports over 3000 businesses in India from locations in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai.

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