Home News Philips Launches TAS2218 and TAS2228 Bluetooth Speakers in India

Philips Launches TAS2218 and TAS2228 Bluetooth Speakers in India

Philips Launches TAS2218 and TAS2228 Bluetooth Speakers in India

Philips has introduced two new Bluetooth speakers, the TAS2218 and TAS2228, in the Indian market. These speakers, available for INR 4,490 and INR 5,490 respectively, combine retro designs with contemporary features. They are now available for purchase at major online and offline retailers nationwide.

Retro Design Meets Modern Technology

The TAS2218 features a 2.0 channel configuration with a 10W output, designed to deliver clear and rich sound quality. It includes dual 5W speakers for high-quality audio playback, suitable for music, movies, and podcasts. The TAS2228 ups the ante with a 20W output from its dual 10W speakers, providing a more robust sound.

Both models showcase a classic wooden design, bringing a vintage aesthetic to modern interiors. Despite their old-school appearance, these speakers are equipped with the latest technology, including Bluetooth 5.0 for efficient wireless streaming, USB playback, FM radio, and mic input.

Enhanced User Experience with TWS Technology

Philips has incorporated True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology into both models, allowing users to pair two identical speakers for a more enveloping audio experience. With up to six hours of battery life at 70% volume, the speakers are designed to deliver uninterrupted audio playback, suitable for various occasions, from parties to personal relaxation.

Availability and Pricing

According to Atul Jasra, Country Head at TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd., “These speakers are a testament to our commitment to blending timeless design with modern technology. They not only offer superior sound quality and durability but also integrate seamlessly with contemporary digital lifestyles.” The TAS2218 and TAS2228 are priced at INR 4,490 and INR 5,490 respectively and are available at prominent retail locations and online platforms across India.

Philips’ new Bluetooth speakers are positioned to appeal to both audiophiles and casual listeners who value both style and functionality in their audio devices.


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