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PlayStation VR2 Players to Access PC Games with New Adapter Starting August 7

PlayStation VR2 Players to Access PC Games with New Adapter Starting August 7

Sony has announced that PlayStation VR2 users will soon be able to play PC games using a new adapter, starting on August 7, 2024. This move aims to expand the utility of the PS VR2 headset, which was previously exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console.

PC Compatibility for PlayStation VR2

The PS VR2, launched in February 2023, is known for its advanced features like OLED display panels, built-in tracking, and Sense controllers with haptic feedback. Despite its high quality, the headset has faced criticism for its limited game library and exclusivity to the PS5. By introducing a PC adapter, Sony aims to broaden the device’s appeal and increase its user base​​.

Adapter Details and Pricing

The upcoming adapter will be priced at $60, making it a relatively affordable addition for VR enthusiasts. This adapter will enable PS VR2 to connect with PCs, allowing access to a wide range of VR games available on platforms like Steam, including popular titles such as “Half-Life: Alyx”​​.

Firmware Update and Testing

Sony has been actively testing the compatibility of the PS VR2 with PC systems. A recent firmware update has already started enabling some of these functionalities. This update also supports the use of NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards, enhancing the VR experience on PC​.

Market Implications

This strategic move by Sony could significantly impact the VR market. The PS VR2 is priced at $549.99, which is higher than the PS5’s launch price. Adding PC compatibility could boost sales and interest in the headset, especially among PC gamers looking for a high-quality VR experience. This expansion comes at a crucial time as Sony aims to address unsold inventory and increase the headset’s adoption rate​.

Broader Game Library

With PC compatibility, PS VR2 users will not be limited to the titles available on the PlayStation platform. Instead, they will have access to a broader library of VR games, potentially increasing the headset’s value proposition. This development is particularly exciting for the VR modding community, which has been seeking ways to enable PS VR2 functionality on PCs since its launch​​.


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