Home News Apple Admits Error: M2 iPad Air Has 9 GPU Cores, Not 10

Apple Admits Error: M2 iPad Air Has 9 GPU Cores, Not 10

M2 iPad Air Has 9 GPU Cores, Not 10

In a surprising turn of events, Apple has confirmed that the new M2 iPad Air models are equipped with 9 GPU cores, contrary to their initial claim of 10. This revelation comes as a disappointment to many users who anticipated the enhanced graphical performance associated with the originally advertised specifications.

Background on the M2 iPad Air

Apple’s latest M2 iPad Air, unveiled in May 2024, promised significant improvements over its predecessor, including better CPU and GPU performance. The new models come in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes, boasting Apple’s advanced M2 chip, which was expected to feature a 10-core GPU, a key selling point for consumers looking for powerful performance in a portable form factor​​.

Discovery of the Discrepancy

The discrepancy was discovered during benchmarking and performance testing by various tech reviewers and users. Early adopters of the M2 iPad Air noticed that the performance metrics did not align with the expected results for a device with a 10-core GPU. This led to further investigation, revealing that the iPad Air actually contains only 9 GPU cores​​.

Apple’s Official Statement

Apple has acknowledged the error and issued an official statement clarifying the actual GPU specifications. The company attributed the mistake to a miscommunication during the product launch and has since corrected the information on their official website and marketing materials. Apple apologized for any confusion caused and reassured users that the M2 iPad Air still offers substantial performance improvements over the previous generation, despite the fewer GPU cores​​.

Impact on Users

For many users, especially those who use their iPads for graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, and 3D modeling, the reduction in GPU cores might be seen as a significant drawback. The M2 iPad Air, however, still features a robust 8-core CPU and a range of other enhancements, including improved memory bandwidth, support for Apple Pencil hover, and better connectivity options like WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3​.

Performance Metrics

Despite the reduction in GPU cores, the M2 iPad Air still delivers impressive performance. Benchmark tests indicate a 12% improvement in single-core performance and a 19% boost in multi-core performance compared to the M1 iPad Air. The graphical performance, as measured by Geekbench’s Metal score, shows a 42% increase, which underscores the efficiency of the new chip, albeit with one less core​.

While the news of the GPU core discrepancy may dampen some of the excitement around the M2 iPad Air, the device remains a powerful upgrade over its predecessor. Apple’s swift response and transparency regarding the error are commendable, and the M2 iPad Air continues to offer significant improvements in performance and features that make it a strong contender in the tablet market


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