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Simple guide to run Windows 10 on your Mac and MacBook

Windows 10 mac
If you are a Mac user and you want to run Windows 10 on it, then you are in luck. You can run full Windows on your Mac using a virtual desktop software like VirtualBox and Parallels. Here is an instruction guide on how you...

Apple to introduce new Macs along with MacBook Pro lineup at October 27 event

apple new mac, macbook pro launch
Apple is expected to unveil new series of Macs in addition to MacBook Pro at a launch event on October 27. According to sources close to the company, the Cupertino-based tech giant is gearing up to release a wide range of new MacBook computer. Interestingly,...

Commander One File Manager for Mac App Review: Best Alternative to Finder?

Commander One is a file manager app for the MacOS, that comes with a lot of features which the default file manager (Finder) doesn't have. Commander One is a dual pane file manager app which makes it easy to manage files more efficiently. It will give you...

The Best Video Converter Tool for Mac Review

The number of software available for Mac is very less as compared to that for Windows. And when it comes to finding the best video converter for Mac, your job becomes even tougher. But I am here to save you from the dilemma. Is there a...

Best Watermark Software Tool for Windows and Mac To Protect Images

Best Watermarking Software for Windows and Mac
If you need to protect your images, watermarks are a great way to go about it. Watermarks enable you to add text or some transparent image to your photos that will prevent people from using them without your permission. Watermarking is especially useful for photographers’...

Ten Best Video Editing Software for Windows, Mac and Linux OS

Best Video Editing Software
Finding a good video editing software can be a tricky job, especially once you consider just how many different choices there are out there. Some video editing programs come into your OS, some can be obtained for free, and others will set you back...

Facebook Messenger app for Mac reportedly in development process

Facebook is reportedly working on developing Messenger app for Apple Mac. The statement was supported by an eyewitness report and photographic evidence that showed a Facebook employee using its pre-release version. According to the image surfaced online, the app dock had Messenger logo as the...

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac that every MacBook user should know

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac
For getting work done fast, it is very important that you are aware of all the ways that you can interact with your Mac. We have compiled a small list of keystrokes that you should definitely know about if you consider yourself a power...

Guide on how to recover data from a corrupted MacBook hard drive

Many individuals had a Mac Machine that did not boot and quit operating. To recover the data or system you have to connect a separate hard drive which is associated remotely to another Mac PC. In any case, when you attempted to get to...

WD My Passport Pro External Hard Drive for Mac: Hands-on Review

As our devices are getting better day by day and urge of having better quality in everything is increasing, the size files is getting bigger as well. And yes, better quality means bigger files, and bigger files mean more space and fast access required....

WhatsApp for Web service now available for iPhone users

Almost after eight months of its initial availability on other platforms, WhatsApp for Web is now finally available for iPhone users. Apple iPhone users can now port their WhatsApp chats on Macs and PCs, but they have to update the WhatsApp to latest version....

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