Home News Wynk Studio’s Tracks Surpass 1.7 Billion Streams

Wynk Studio’s Tracks Surpass 1.7 Billion Streams

Wynk Studio's Tracks Surpass 1.7 Billion Streams

Wynk Music, one of India’s leading music streaming apps, has reported a significant achievement of over 1.7 billion streams for independent artists associated with Wynk Studio. This accomplishment comes within two years of the studio’s inception, highlighting its role in supporting new musical talents across the country.

Key Highlights:

  • Wynk Studio achieves over 1.7 billion streams in just two years.
  • Platform supports a growing number of independent music artists in India.
  • Wynk Music has facilitated collaborations and provided monetization opportunities.

Table of Contents

The Rise of Independent Artists on Wynk Music

Wynk Studio, since its launch in August 2022, has been committed to fostering new musical talent by providing them a platform to reach a wider audience and effectively monetize their work. This initiative has significantly increased the visibility of artists, leading to a greater diversity of music available to Wynk’s extensive user base.

Amit Tripathi, Chief Marketing Officer at Bharti Airtel, stated, “The success of Wynk Studio is a testament to our dedication to nurturing new talent and delivering diverse music choices to our listeners. Our platform has quickly gained popularity, attracting artists nationwide and promoting linguistic diversity in the music we offer.”

Supporting Artist Growth and Collaboration

Wynk Studio offers personalized mentorship and multiple opportunities for artists, including partnerships with other music labels and involvement in various multimedia projects like web series, OTT platforms, and live events. These initiatives aim to provide artists not just a launchpad but also sustainable growth opportunities in their careers.

Additionally, Wynk Music helps increase artist discoverability by featuring their songs in specially curated playlists, thus boosting stream numbers and providing financial benefits.

Impact on the Music Industry

The platform has welcomed established artists like Nikhita Gandhi and Vishal Dadlani, as well as emerging talents such as Prateek Gandhi and Raj Burman, who have become some of the top performers on Wynk Studio. Moreover, Wynk has supported independent productions, exemplified by its promotional efforts for the film “Love All,” highlighting its commitment to the broader creative industry.

Wynk Studio’s Milestones and Future Outlook

Since its launch, Wynk Music has seen a steady increase in user engagement, reflecting in the milestones it has achieved over the years, from reaching one lakh downloads shortly after launch to crossing 100 million installs by January 2019. The platform continues to evolve, introducing new features like Dolby Atmos sound and venturing into film music distribution to enrich the user experience.

For more details on Wynk Studio and its offerings, visit Wynk Studio and Wynk Music.


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