6 Google Tools to Make Your Summer Travels Effortless

6 Google Tools to Make Your Summer Travels Effortless
Get trip inspiration, find hidden gems, and pack smart! Discover 6 ways Google tools make summer travel easier.

Planning a summer getaway? Google offers a suite of tools to help you streamline travel logistics, discover hidden gems, and make informed decisions. From trip inspiration powered by AI to packing suggestions, Google can be your savvy travel companion this summer.

As the excitement of summer travel builds, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choices and details. Google’s tools aim to simplify the process, allowing you to focus on the joys of exploring new places. One recent advancement is the integration of generative AI into Google Search. This feature can help you brainstorm trip ideas or narrow down options when you’re feeling indecisive about a destination.

The Power of AI for Trip Inspiration Sometimes deciding where to go is the hardest part. Google Search is evolving to include AI-powered features that can generate trip ideas tailored to your interests and travel style. Try searching for general terms like “best European destinations for history lovers,” or “family-friendly beach vacations,” and see what the AI suggests.

Uncover Local Gems with Google Maps Google Maps is a treasure trove of curated recommendations. Look for lists like “Neighborhood Gems” to find restaurants, cafes, and attractions that are under-the-radar but beloved by locals. You can even customize your own lists within Maps to organize your trip planning – add notes and reorder places to create a simple itinerary.

When traveling internationally, language barriers can easily arise. The Google Lens app lets you use your camera to translate menus, signs, and more in real-time. You can also use Lens with its new “multisearch” feature for a richer understanding. Point your camera at an interesting landmark, dish, or object, and ask Google questions about it to get insights and context beyond mere translation.

We’ve all wrestled with the overstuffed suitcase. Instead of guessing what you need, use Google Search to get style recommendations. Search for things like “what to wear in [your destination]” and let Google help you create a capsule wardrobe that suits the climate and your trip’s activities.

Circle to Search for Instant Help Exclusively available on newer Pixel and some Samsung phones, Circle to Search offers on-screen translation without needing to switch between apps. Simply press and hold the home button and circle any text on your screen that you don’t understand. It’s perfect for quickly translating travel documents, public transport information, or even restaurant reviews.

Once you’ve decided where to go, Google Maps is your go-to for personalized recommendations. Curated lists in Maps reveal local favorites, helping you avoid tourist traps and experience a place like a resident. The ability to customize and rearrange these lists lets you tailor a unique itinerary that matches your pace and interests.

Getting ready for your trip? Google Search can ease packing anxiety with style recommendations. It incorporates your preferences to suggest clothing and accessories that fit the climate of your destination, ensuring you pack for both comfort and style.

While traveling, navigating a foreign language can be challenging. Google’s ‘Circle to Search’ feature comes to the rescue, making on-screen translations a breeze. Simply use the tool to translate signs, menus, or any other text, bridging language gaps with ease. Additionally, Google Lens with its multisearch capability offers AI-powered insights about the places you discover, giving you a deeper understanding of your surroundings.

Finally, after you return home, Google Maps becomes your virtual travel log. Share lists highlighting your experiences with friends and family. Attach links to your social media reviews or photos and relive those special travel moments.


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