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AirPods Pro 2 Gets Essential Hearing Aid Mode in iOS 18: What You Need to Know

AirPods Pro 2 Gets Essential Hearing Aid Mode in iOS 18

In the forthcoming iOS 18 update, slated for release in fall 2024, Apple plans to introduce a significant accessibility feature known as the “Hearing Aid Mode” for AirPods Pro 2. This enhancement underscores Apple’s ongoing commitment to improving hearing health through innovative technology.

Overview of the New Hearing Aid Mode

Apple’s new Hearing Aid Mode is designed to transform the AirPods Pro into functional hearing aids, leveraging existing capabilities such as Live Listen and Conversation Boost. These features already enable users to amplify sounds and focus on conversations in noisy environments, effectively providing a makeshift hearing aid experience. The new mode aims to refine these functionalities, making the AirPods Pro a viable option for those needing auditory assistance.

Anticipated Benefits and Features

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: The Hearing Aid Mode will build on the AirPods’ current accessibility features, offering improved support for users with hearing challenges.
  2. Integration with Health Applications: Similar to other health-related features on Apple devices, like the ECG and fitness tracking on the Apple Watch, the Hearing Aid Mode is expected to integrate seamlessly with health applications, providing users with valuable data about their hearing health.
  3. Regulatory Considerations: Given the nature of the feature, Apple may need to navigate FDA regulations, as the new mode could classify the AirPods Pro as medical devices. However, recent changes in FDA regulations regarding over-the-counter hearing aids could simplify this process.
  4. Market Impact: By integrating hearing aid functionality, Apple is not just enhancing its product but potentially disrupting the hearing aid industry. The affordability and accessibility of the AirPods Pro could challenge traditional hearing aid manufacturers and lower costs for consumers.

Release and Availability

The Hearing Aid Mode is expected to be previewed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June and rolled out with the iOS 18 update in September 2024. This timing aligns with Apple’s typical pattern of unveiling significant software updates alongside new hardware, in this case, likely the iPhone 16 series.

Implications for Users and Industry

This update could significantly benefit users who require hearing support but find traditional hearing aids prohibitively expensive. By leveraging technology they may already own, users gain an affordable and high-tech alternative. Additionally, this move by Apple could drive innovation and competition in the hearing aid market, emphasizing technology’s role in improving health and accessibility.


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