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AirTag 2: New Chip and Improved Location Tracking Expected in 2024

AirTag 2

Apple is set to launch a second-generation AirTag next year, bringing significant upgrades to its popular item tracker. According to industry analysts and recent reports, the new AirTag will feature an enhanced Ultra Wideband chip, potentially labeled the U2 chip, which promises better location tracking and integration with Apple’s expanding ecosystem.

Expected Features and Improvements

New Ultra Wideband Chip: The current AirTag uses the U1 chip for precise location tracking. The new model is expected to incorporate the U2 chip, enhancing its tracking accuracy and range. This improvement aligns with upgrades seen in the iPhone 15 series, which also features a U2 chip for improved connectivity and spatial awareness​​.

Integration with Vision Pro: One of the most anticipated features of the new AirTag is its integration with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset. This integration will allow for advanced real-time tracking of items within a virtual or augmented reality environment. Such a feature could provide users with a new way to locate their belongings using spatial computing​​.

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Mass Production Timeline: Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the AirTag 2 will enter mass production in the fourth quarter of 2024. This timeline indicates a possible release late next year, just in time for the holiday season. Kuo’s insights are often accurate, making this timeline a strong possibility​​.

Additional Enhancements

While specific details about other new features are still under wraps, there are several improvements users hope to see:

Rechargeable Battery: The current AirTag uses a replaceable CR2032 battery. Users have expressed a strong desire for a rechargeable version, potentially compatible with existing Apple Watch chargers. This would eliminate the need for frequent battery replacements and align with Apple’s sustainability goals​​.

Design and Usability: There is also speculation about a redesign to make the AirTag more versatile and easier to attach to various items without additional accessories. A more wallet-friendly version could appeal to a broader range of users​.

Market Impact and Sales

Since its release, the AirTag has been a popular choice for item tracking, leveraging Apple’s robust Find My network. Sales have steadily increased, with shipment estimates reaching 35 million units in 2022. The introduction of the AirTag 2 is expected to boost these numbers further, particularly with the enhanced features and new use cases​​.

Apple’s focus on integrating the AirTag 2 with other devices, especially within its spatial computing ecosystem, indicates a strategic move to maintain its competitive edge in the market. As we approach the expected launch, more details are likely to emerge, providing a clearer picture of what users can expect from this next-generation item tracker.

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