Apple News+ Introduces Game and Offline Mode with iOS 17.5 Update

Apple News+ Introduces Game and Offline Mode with iOS 17.5 Update
Discover the latest enhancements to Apple News+ with the new game Quartiles and an innovative offline mode in iOS 17.5, providing entertainment and news anytime, anywhere.

Apple News+ is set to offer more versatility and engagement with the roll-out of new features in iOS 17.5. Users can look forward to a new gaming option and a much-awaited offline browsing mode, enhancing the user experience significantly.

New Gaming Experience: Quartiles

As part of the latest update, Apple News+ subscribers can now enjoy a new word game named Quartiles. This game challenges users to create words from a grid of tiles, with the possibility of earning bonus points for forming ‘quartiles’, which are four-tile words. Quartiles is the third puzzle offering for Apple News+, joining existing games like Crossword and Crossword Mini. This addition not only enriches the platform’s entertainment value but also integrates with Game Center to provide a competitive edge with leaderboards and statistical tracking, enhancing the social interaction aspect of the service​.

Offline Mode Enhancement

The more critical update for many users will likely be the introduction of an offline reading mode. This new feature allows subscribers to access the Today feed and News+ tab without an internet connection. It automatically downloads content based on user preferences set in the iOS settings, including options for downloading recent stories, saved stories, magazine issues, and puzzles. This feature is designed to provide seamless access to content while on the go, especially in situations where internet access is limited or non-existent, such as during flights or in subways​​.

How It Works

Offline mode works by pre-downloading content that is deemed relevant based on the user’s past reading habits and selected preferences. This content is then accessible from within the app, even without an internet connection. The system also provides flexibility in managing storage space by allowing users to opt for smaller image downloads to conserve space​.

The introduction of Quartiles and the offline reading mode in iOS 17.5 represents Apple’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience and add value to its Apple News+ service. These features cater to the needs of both casual users looking for entertainment and more serious readers needing consistent access to news and articles regardless of their connectivity. As Apple continues to innovate, these updates mark another step forward in making digital media consumption more accessible and enjoyable for users worldwide.

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