Apple to Launch iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 with AI Features: Here’s What We Know

Apple to Launch iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 with AI Features
Discover what's coming in Apple's iOS 18 with new AI features at WWDC 2024: Siri upgrades, RCS in iMessage, accessibility enhancements, and more.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 is set to be a significant event with the expected launch of iOS 18, which will focus heavily on integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features across the system.

AI-Driven Innovations

Apple plans to introduce a variety of AI-driven enhancements in iOS 18, emphasizing the role of AI in improving user experiences. The company is developing proprietary language models that can operate both online and offline, potentially including premium features behind a paywall​. There’s also speculation about Apple engaging with OpenAI to enhance these capabilities, especially in the realm of Siri and other system applications​​.

Siri and System Improvements

Siri is expected to receive a significant upgrade, powered by large language models (LLM), which could make the assistant more responsive and capable of handling a broader range of queries and tasks​​. These enhancements are likely to extend to other system components like Spotlight and possibly new applications that leverage AI for a more integrated user experience​​.

Device and Platform Support

iOS 18 will continue to support the same range of devices as iOS 17, ensuring that users with older models will not be left behind. This includes all models from the iPhone XS and XR generations onward​​. Alongside the mobile updates, similar AI-driven features are expected to be rolled out across other Apple platforms such as iPadOS and macOS​​.

Enhanced Interoperability and Accessibility

The introduction of Rich Communication Services (RCS) in iMessage is anticipated, which aims to improve messaging interoperability across platforms, although Apple will maintain its iconic blue and green bubble design for iPhone and Android users, respectively​​. Additionally, Apple is set to enhance accessibility features within iOS 18, aiming to provide a more inclusive user experience.

Release Timeline

The rollout for iOS 18 is scheduled to begin with a developer beta release on June 10, immediately following the WWDC keynote. This will be followed by a public beta expected between late June and early July, with the full public release slated for mid to late September, aligning with Apple’s typical schedule for iOS updates​​.

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